Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pope John Paul

Pope John Paul
I just learnt from a friend that this bunch of white roses is called Pope John Paul….My miss Nadya octomom is doing so well….7 blossomed roses…1 more to go. They look so beautiful. The first time I saw the buds…I was wondering how the little branch would bear the weight of 8 roses, because they looked like they will all bloom around the same time.

Acting like sunflowers....going out towards the light!!!!
The bunch of semi-blossomed roses looks so amazing. Since I migrated from Mysore to Bangalore, I decided to keep only floral plants than show plants that don’t bear any flowers. It always brings joy to see pretty flowers in my little garden placed in my gallery.
I wish these ‘octoplets’ would stay forever! That’s the sad part about flowers, they don’t last forever!

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