Monday, October 24, 2011

Indian good vs Foreign goods

I got a mail forward speaking of how the Indian economy is in danger.
Before 12 months 1USD = INR 39
After 12 months, now 1USD = INR 50
It talks about how the Indian market is losing to western products; profits of the western products being sent abroad. And then a list of Indian products that we should use daily to beat the western ones. As I started to read the examples…I was feeling bad that yeah, we don’t use more Indian products or the fact that we don’t even know which products are Indian. But when I started thinking of the quality of the Indian products listed, I thought that the Indian products are nowhere close to their competitor and hence they can’t keep up. Simplest example said,
From my very recent experience, Amulya milk powder sucks. It was a waste of money coz it never made good consistent milk. I would be left with chunks of milk power which I had to filter out, they just wouldn’t dissolve. Try Everyday milk – no complains!
Don’t even get me started on BSNL. Last time I relocated within 2 streets in Mysore, the BSNL guys were beyond reluctant to even relocate our phone connection. With a full-fledged residential crowd around us, they made excuses of saying “we’ll have to see if we’ve got coverage in your area”. I was like “Dude, I see the BSNL phone box from the previous tenant in this house!!” For the laziness of the govt. organizations, we can’t complain of private/foreign competitors. In fact I think it is another scam where govt. offices make some commission letting the Private companies to flourish.
And there were a bunch of other comparisons like no western cold drinks, toothpastes, toothbrush, soaps, food like KFC, McD, Pizza Hut. Frankly, how is the govt. trying to develop pure Indian products that meet the need and quality of the common man? There is REASON why the western products do well. Indian market has never known the concept of ‘Customer is god’ or ‘Customer Satisfaction’ or ‘Customer Delight’ or ‘Quality product’!
Everyone wants to be patriotic; but to save the economy, asking citizens to use products that don’t meet the needs and quality is meaningless, in my opinion.


  1. hey...really carried away by your blog...but nowadays Indians are making much better products than the previous years...i am just telling that indians are not given a chance to do business in India due to the corrupt politicians and the system...when someone is trying to start a business, he is forced to bribe to get his work done...this is one main reason why small business people are not coming up...when indians do not get the chance, how can the indians manufacture the products which meets the customer needs??? What do you think about the foreign direct investment- a boom or a curse??? All i can say is that it depends on things how we use...but at present, i will say it is a curse because it has lowered the value of the indian currency...I am not saying we should not depend on FDI...but we should limit our depending... like, we can give full freedom in Technology sectors to FDI, but in retails its good to have Indians in that sector. Yeah, we can allow any one foreign industry in order to have a healthy competition so that Indian markets will go to some extents to prove their worthiness. If you take pepsi and coca cola, came around like 90's and thrashed the indian soft drink companies and now they are the leading soft drink companies in India...You can't blame simply the Indians after all you are also an Indian...We can reform our government but we won't...and we are good at talking not in putting into actions...that's the reason may be...we are also the reason behind the politicians mistakes...its my opinion...i just wanted to know how much you know about FDI...because i want to learn some good stuffs from you ;)