Sunday, October 30, 2011


Check out this phone I saw. The phone owner said “it’s from China market” The pictures will probably explain what is China market J
It’s a Suny Ericssom phone not a ‘Sony Ericsson’! And it’s designed by ‘Apole’ from California and assembled in China! I really wonder if the Model displayed on the back is true or just some gibberish typed by a kid playing on the computer. Now I know why Steve Jobs was so bitter about his idea being stolen by others!
And in my husband’s opinion (ex-iPhone user) this fake phone was much better than the original iPhone because the touch on this fake phone was not very sensitive. In the sense, I had to really press hard for the screen to sense my finger touch! My husband said iPhone technology is too touch sensitive that sometimes the phone might automatically make a call just by a mistaken brush of your finger! Ouch! I know that hurts Steve!
Even more painful is the price! As against the original iPhone price that starts from 35k/- ($800) this fake one with exactly the same look and functionality costs only 3k/- ($70). Did Apple forget to copyright or patent their technology? May be an iMade patent?

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