Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Warli Paintings with a modern twist

An old junior friend from my college has started an initiative introducing traditional Warli paintings with a modern touch. This multi-talented friend along with his wife draws and sells various day-to-day items with Warli paintings on them. Some also carry colored paintings unlike traditional white drawings on brown background. Personally being a drawing and painting enthusiast, I love the variety they are bringing each day and I can't hold back from sharing this information with as many people as I can.
Please join me in seeing these creations and if you'd like, you may buy a piece of art or more!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Anniversary to my blog!

I did not notice that my blog has already completed 2 years... So Happy Anniversary to my blog! And Belated New Year 2013 wishes to all my readers..

I came across this beautiful tamil song Kangal Irandal...ofcourse I don't understand it...so I found its meaning too, for my satisfaction! The video doesn't seem great..or it's more like from an older time period, but the song is nice! Enjoy!