Friday, September 25, 2015

"The World Collage" Campaign - Get your own copy!

As continuation to my previous post, I now have the actual Campaign website which shares the details of the photo book from my Author friend Mrunal Gawade, a small video describing the book in his own words and details of the variety of contribution that can be made with the corresponding perks for the same.

The campaign link:

The Campaign is trending #1 on the platform with $1300 raised in just 24 hours! 

My humble appeal to all readers across the world is to have a look at the link, do read the details mentioned, the right section of perks and if it appeals to you, please come forward and contribute and help my friend to succeed in this campaign!

Mrunal has discussed all points regarding what the book offers, why did he pursue this idea, how can you contribute and if you still have doubts he has shared his email ID to be contacted.

Thank you for reading through my post and your time and contribution to the campaign!

Good Luck Mrunal!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"The World Collage" - photo-stories across 4 continents

Here is an idea I came across from a dear friend. My friend Mrunal Gawade has been working very hard on a book recently. The book, "The World Collage" tells the photo-stories across 4 continents (Australia, Asia, Europe, North America) through juxtaposition of people, cultures, places and architectures. It's a collection of 142 photos, with insightful descriptive captions. 

He has been an avid traveler and a photographer, and an excellent one at both. Being a computer professional, he has traveled to many countries. Not limiting himself to conference rooms, he has ventured out and captured glimpses of what's around. Having seen his work before, I am sure, these are amazing clicks!!

One often says that life offers opportunities to explore your passions despite busy schedules. Mrunal Gawade has actually proven it.

I want to spread the word around hoping more and more people get information on this effort!

Please click on the attached pictures to view them fully - the book cover and the flyer .  I will update when the campaign link becomes available. Thank you!

The Book cover

The Flyer

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I am back

Hello to all my readers from the past and new ones to be. I have been away for long long long time! It almost feels like I took a sabbatical! The last time I posted was from Nashville, Tennessee and today I am posting from Savannah, Georgia. Yes we moved to south of USA, almost into Florida; so Disney World is like 3 hrs!!! Great time to move so close with a 2.5 yrs old toddler at home!
Ganesha - Acrylic

YES! My dear son Aarav is grown up and guess what, he started his preschool just yesterday! Now, that should explain why I am back here on my blog! :) From Nashville to now, a lot has changed and happened! We moved to this new place but have a bunch of old friends from India, so for the first time, it feels good and close to home here in USA. This movement makes me be in the same time zone as my brother is Boston! 
Crab Shack - Watercolor
I jumped back to my painting hobby and have taken it up a few levels up this time when I look at the paintings I did 8 yrs ago, they look like some kid in 4th grade did them.
Dancing Lady - Watercolor
I started with Watercolor painting and slowly moved on to Acrylic paints. I have started painting on CANVAS! Now, that I hadn't even dreamed of. As always, my husband is pushing and encouraging me to go for canvas oil painting! Do big stuff. But I know my limits and I try to set smaller achievable far I am doing stuff I see on the internet, ideas that come in my head and I look for them and see if there is something I can replicate! There is lots to learn on YouTube, many tutorials and lessons that help me improve each time!
Traditional Indian Man - Watercolor
Friends only wonder how I manage to get time to paint with a toddler at home. Well the secret is that I do all my paintings late at night, after the kid and husband sleep at 10! I paint till late like 2 or 3 am! True Artist style! J
Buddha - Acrylic
We recently went on a long 5 week vacation to India. Had my son meet all possible relatives in both our families, had his hair removal ceremony. That was pending since his birth and he had really long hair..looked like a cute girl. Now he looks like a perfect BOY!
Spanish house - Watercolor
The past year without the blog has been so busy with raising Aarav, moving to new city. He has been growing up so fast! Learning things so quickly. He speaks English and everyday I hear something new and we are surprised how quick these kids can learn and speak! He is so thorough with the letters and numbers and rhymes. He's reading story books from the library! I am so proud of him!
Poppy field - Watercolor
In 8 yrs of our marriage, I never had a driving license in the USA. Thanks to my growing son and his needs to school I had to get it done...I am glad I did. Now I have a driving license and today it truly felt like the typical American lifestyle. Woke up at 6 am to drop my husband at work, came back and got my son ready for his school, dropped him, stopped at the post office and mailed off Rakhis to my brother and now back home; waiting to step out and get my son back in 2 hrs! Now I know what the other ladies meant by freedom after getting a driving license!

Cheers to taking more responsibility and of course freedom! J