Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"The World Collage" - photo-stories across 4 continents

Here is an idea I came across from a dear friend. My friend Mrunal Gawade has been working very hard on a book recently. The book, "The World Collage" tells the photo-stories across 4 continents (Australia, Asia, Europe, North America) through juxtaposition of people, cultures, places and architectures. It's a collection of 142 photos, with insightful descriptive captions. 

He has been an avid traveler and a photographer, and an excellent one at both. Being a computer professional, he has traveled to many countries. Not limiting himself to conference rooms, he has ventured out and captured glimpses of what's around. Having seen his work before, I am sure, these are amazing clicks!!

One often says that life offers opportunities to explore your passions despite busy schedules. Mrunal Gawade has actually proven it.

I want to spread the word around hoping more and more people get information on this effort!

Please click on the attached pictures to view them fully - the book cover and the flyer .  I will update when the campaign link becomes available. Thank you!

The Book cover

The Flyer

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