Friday, February 4, 2011


I watched this movie on the cable. It’s an incredible true story, about a Dog waiting for his deceased Master. The true story happened in Japan in 1923 when a Japanese professor took this dog of Akita breed as a pet. The dog routinely waited for his master at the station everyday to greet his returning master. And this continued even after the day his master didn’t return as he died of a cerebral hemorrhage. The faithful dog continued to wait for his mater each day for 9 years until it died. A statue of the dog has been installed at the same place where he waited for his master. The movie is made beautifully and the dog is really very tempting to keep. It of course gets very sad & emotional after the master is dead. You feel sorry for the dog, who is not tired of waiting for his master endlessly. NINE years!!!!! It’s way too much in human years to wait for someone. I totally loved the movie and it made me think how deeply these speechless animals get attached to us. I hate to see people, who keep such pets but have no time for them to walk or play or talk to them. It’s a great story of a faithful dog. Do try to watch it.

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