Saturday, February 26, 2011

I will always be a little GIRL!

I have been staying with my grandparents over a week now, to take care of my unwell grandma; just helping her around the kitchen & other chores. Over these days, many of my other relatives like other grandparents, uncles & aunts have been visiting my grandma. From my childhood we have been coming to Bangalore, Mysore to visit my mom’s relatives every year.  So all my relatives here have seen me grow from a new baby to a toddler to a kid to a girl to a woman now! But to them I am still a little girl in their minds. They are very surprised to see me taking care of my grandma, cooking good food and handling other chores. To them it’s a topic of discussion as to how mature and understanding & responsible I have become! But to me its normal & natural indeed, I believe we all turn out to be like this, seeing our parents do these same things when we grew. We observe & we learn naturally. But I guess, our image of our childhood just stays in our grandparents minds. We’ll always remain as kids in their hearts. For now, I am enjoying helping them and they have a mental comfort to have me around J
All is well!

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