Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bangalore Times

This week I am visiting my grandma in Bangalore, so I will be having some stories from here. Bangalore has changed so vastly over these years. Growing up, I visited here twice a year! And what I liked about Bangalore/Mysore then, was the independent houses. Like, there was no apartment system. Everyone had their own house, own compound, own little garden or garage or parking, their own gate! Living in apartments, made me think, this is life king size; to you have your own compound, gate & stuff.
But now Bangalore has lots of apartments, typical concrete jungle like other big cities in India. Just like the article in TOI the other day, “There is so little space in India, we can only move upwards.” It is an excellent statement with so many levels to it, right!
And back then it was called garden city, with lots of greenery around. I vividly remember wide streets, with huge, thick, dense trees on both sides of the roads, stretching across the road above, almost not letting the sun rays through. And now, believe me, today I was hunting for an INCH of shade, be it from the leafless trees or a lamp post! It’s so sunny out there!

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