Tuesday, February 22, 2011

US Pizza Outlet

We have tried the regular Pizza Hut & Dominoes many times, enough to be bored of them. Frankly, I don’t even like what Pizza Hut serves in their menu! A few weeks ago, as we were driving through the city, we saw this Pizza outlet: U.S. Pizza. I am not sure if it’s a common chain, as I heard it for the first time; so we decided that we’d try it sometime. I have already been there twice. They have a different menu from the regular outlets. And interestingly, I also liked the “Meal for 2” offer that includes 4 slices of cheese garlic bread (thin slices), a Medium pizza (serves 2), 2 drinks and 2 slices of Brownie, all for 299/- ($6). They also have a variety of Jain Pizza’s J I have decided to try each of the vegetarian at every visit. Until now we’ve tried the Mexican Delight and Balle Balle LOL
The place is also well set with wall hangings sharing information of Pizza and its history. The waiters are very polite and serve you with a smile, unlike most Indian restaurants. It could be a great hang out to watch the world cup finals, if India makes it to the finals! J

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