Sunday, February 27, 2011

Au Bon Pain

I finally visited the Boston based French café Au Bon Pain here in Bangalore today. Au Bon Pain (O Bo Pe) means 'The Place of Good Bread' in French. I had seen the Indian menu before. When I went to the place, it was like a regular American bakery with all the baked goodies I saw there. I am not a fan of sweet baked food items though. My brother and I tried a variety of food. Here is the break up with prices:
Brother’s Order –
Spicy Chicken soup – 65/- ($1.50)
Sourdough bowl – 30/- ($.75)
Tandoori Spiced Chicken – 109/- ($2.40)
My Order –
Mushroom Cheese Sandwich – 109/- ($2.40)
Mocha Blast (drink)- 65/- ($1.50)
All this food cost us 378/- ($8.40). We also tasted Crostinis, that I had known as Bruschetta before; they were delicious – Jalapeño Corn Crostini. I was also happy to see the Baguette bread. Reminded me of my cooking trials in Spokane! The food was delicious but still the prices could be a little lower for the quantity of the food. And I loved my drink. Although, I would prefer it to be served with ice. The ambience is full of picture frames of their outlets around the world. It’s pretty much a self-service place. I would definitely like to go back again and try some other dishes.
Indian Menu:

Bakery Puffs and Cakes:



 The Ambience:
 Spicy Chicken Soup:

 Mushroom Cheese Sandwich, Mocha Blast and Tandoori Spiced Chicken Sandwich:

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