Friday, February 18, 2011

Cricket world cup …Starting tomorrow!

Cricket is the national game for Indians, mentally, spiritually!!! Factually, it is Field Hockey J The popularity of cricket would make the world think it’s our national game.  We all grow up with the cricket passion in India. Cricket and Bollywood rule our country, no doubt about it. I remember how crazy we were about cricket matches when we were kids. My father, not a great fan of cricket, would be very annoyed that all the matches would be scheduled exactly around our final exams of the school year. We would adjust our study schedule to not miss matches; study ahead of time, convince parents we are done preparing, just watch the Indian batting innings, last 5 overssss…endless excuses eh! When I got a job, the websites would be blocked in our companies, but they had the new age desktop scorecards to keep track of the latest score every second. That helped a lot, than not knowing anything about the ongoing match. People actually skip work, school for those really crucial matches!
I was really into watching cricket matches before, especially India-Pakistan matches, and those are the real thing for us!! High tension, emotion matches. Personally, I watch matches only if India is playing. I feel it’s a waste of time watching other countries play! Already the sport takes infinite time! There was time when I knew so much of every Indian cricketer, foreign team players, but after I moved out of India, it was difficult to track & watch cricket matches in the US. Moreover, they came up with the 20-20 matches, the cricket leagues and now I have no idea of who is who in any of the cricket teams.
But I still look forward to the current world cup, may be catch up with what’s new in cricket. In India, it’s good to know cricket. Here is a good website to check the world cup schedule. And like all Indians, I too wish that we win the world cup this year! Good Luck Team India J

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