Friday, February 25, 2011

Surprise!!! Huge shower for all

It’s 25th Feb and it’s raining!!!! Summer in India starts from Feb until May! Did we just decide to skip Summer & go to Monsoon directly this year? I know it’s a super HOT country, but we still need our season cycle! The Rain God is sweating it out…and too early in time. We were sitting watching Top Chef, when it started to get dark with the grey clouds and in no time it all started to pour down! I just blogged the other day saying that summer had started here and today we have surprise rains! The scent of the wet soil was amazing and the streets look so clean & washed up. It’s all cool now and we’ll have a cool night too. Not to mention how hot it will get after this first rain now! I hope the sudden random downpour does not cause much loss to the farmers! My grandma was saying how cycles and seasons have changed so much in recent years! For that matter it was still raining here until Dec last year! She is just glad that her patio railing is all clean and that her plants got their water from the heavy showers! Pleasant cool evening to all here in Bangalore J

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