Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tender Coconut drink

The summer has officially started in India now. Suddenly it is very hot here in Mysore and Bangalore. Just a week ago, it was pretty cold in the evenings and early mornings. Now I feel my ceiling fan is not as fast as we feel hot!
One the best things about living in South India are the coconuts. In South India, Coconut is a very integral part of cooking or living in general. Growing up here, I have always seen coconut trees in every yard. People here have all the tools to maintain a tree in their yard. We’ve studied how a coconut tree is called a Kalpataru (wish-fullfilling tree) because the whole tree can be used to make infinite range of things of daily use.
Anyways, the reason what I like about South India & coconuts is of the Tender Coconut drink. You will find vendors every few blocks selling tender coconut drinks. And we can ask for the kind of coconut we want. There a different coconuts such as only water coconuts, coconuts with slight tender coconut flesh and coconuts with a little crisp coconut flesh. And the art they have to recognize exactly what you want, it is amusing. Like my husband prefers asking for only water coconut whereas, I like to enjoy the tender slimy coconut flesh.
The vendor very skillfully shaves the coconut to drink and then again break it into 2 halves & give you the tender coconut to eat with a scooper made from the coconut shell itself J
It isn’t a cool drink like other sodas like Coke or Pepsi; yet it is a pleasant drink in these hot summers. And it is a good health drink to drink one each day. Benefits of the drink are here.
Coconuts arranged:

My Coconut drink: 

And the delicious tender coconut:

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