Sunday, February 20, 2011

Indian origins competing each other

I started to watch today’s cricket match between Canada and Sri Lanka. I had never before taken a close look at the Canadian team before. As I saw couple of familiar Indian names, I thought of course, there will be a few Indian origin players, considering the number of Indian immigrants Canada has! So I googled for the Canadian team and out of 15 players (including extras) only 4 were non-Indian names. LOL
That’s when I realized that it is so funny when we play against our own people, who were a part of India sometime in the past. Playing against teams like Pakistan, Canada, Bangladesh.  We’ve seen an Indian player in other teams in the past like West Indies and Kenya etc but 1 name against most of the team being Indian, I find a little more humorous! For now, Canada is struggling big time with Sri Lanka. What could the player be feeling when they know they are going to lose, BIG TIME; yet that have to play until they are on the pitch!

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