Sunday, January 29, 2012

Elephants at sunset

I have drawn similar sunset drawings earlier....last time I had drawn camels in the sand dunes with sunset in the background...its one of the lost pictures now!  L
Lately, it seems my blog is turning into an art blog....but this is what I am doing on weekends now.
Before - The sketch
After - Final paint

Fav sketch

This is my sketch I drew when I lived in Spokane, 2008 . I drew it on a drawing book that was presented by my American neighbor Tracy. She gave it to me seeing my art hobby. I made a colored pencil sketch of it and gave her as a gift. I still preciously use this Christmas gift - drawing book for special drawings.

I drew the sketch just once, but I copied and painted them to gift a few friends..It’s one of my finest pieces. As you see I am not perfect in drawing human figures, what should have been a Japanese woman looks like Aishwarya Rai to my mom J I just love to color her and gift her to as many friends as I can. And now after all these years, this time she is freshly painted to be framed to go in my house!!!

Facebook in India

Facebook is used in different ways in different places. When I lived in Seattle, I had colleagues who would be surprised when their bosses or team mates added them on FB. For Americans, Facebook is very private and personal. In fact at each new release of the social network, I see my American friends post about some particular privacy setting that will prohibit certain information on your profile to unknown or unwanted visitors! I mean they take the website so seriously! They take their PRIVACY so seriously!
Well we Indians!!! We love to brag and tell and update every small bit in our life to the whole world. It could be the smallest purchase to the biggest party or trip. And we have to have the largest number of friends on FB, gotta keep that friends count running up like the stock market! Even if you just met someone the first time at work, you are added to FB right away! Everyone is curious to see your pictures, your Info, your wall, your posts and then your replies!
And if someone adds me and I don’t respond then it’s perceived in the wrong I am snotty! It’s the simplest thing that "I want to keep my privacy!" Why is it mandatory that I MUST accept a friend invite? And sometimes, I might be nice and add ONE colleague, but that then starts a chain of add request of his/her friends! So I add a colleague X and now I have to add X’s 5-10 friends too because we are all colleagues! Baaah!
It’s good to share news and info but how many of us think who is using the info we share. I see people displaying their Aadhar card snapshot on FB! Are you crazy! Aadhar card is the equivalent of SSN in USA. Everything is tracked through your SSN and it’s the most important number that you don’t share with anybody everrrrr! I know we are not sure how good Aadhar card is going to be..but at least until we know how it works, we should not be sharing it in public so carelessly!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


It’s Sunday morning; I am watching Rangoli on my cable TV. I wonder how many Indians really still go back to Doordarshan channel; I watched this ONLY national channel until the first 6-8 months of my first job..i.e as recent as 2006…so 1986 – 2006! My father never introduced the Cable network of 100’s of channels to us while growing up. I think it was a great upbringing. J In fact, I feel we watched some good programs compared to what comes in Cable channels. Doordarshan would be an enforcement to watch whatever was shown, so we watched Surabhi, Turning Point, serial with no saas-bahu over-drama, Hum log, Mitti ke rang, Rangoli, Chitrahaar, Alif Laila, Chandrakanta, Nukkad, Bharat ek Khoj, Malgudi days, Street Hawk,  UGC, Interschool quiz competitions, Meri Awaaz Suno, Vyomkesh Bakshi, Captain Vyom, Shaktimaan!!!!
I vividly remember the Japanese show called Oshin, Kashmiri show Gul Gulshan Gulfham, Mungeri Lal and the infinite mythological serials on Shiva, Ganga, Hanuman, Ramayan, Mahabharat; historical serials Tipu Sultan, freedom struggle episodes!! It really was the golden period!
Listening to Rangoli songs is so peaceful when they play even today, “Takkat, Watan ki Humse hai”, “Dil Diya hai Jaan bhi denge…Aaye watan tere liye”, “Virasaat - Taare hai barati ….”
I haven’t had the encouragement to write much these days. News I read are so depressing; needless to say Indian politics is fallen to the lowest level ever, it makes me think why did we ever get freedom from the Brits if this is how the Indian politicians were to mis-use the precious freedom we achieved with so much of sacrifice! The standard of living is actually falling when we read news of West Bengal babies dying, Medical care comes without safety and responsibility, 68% of milk in India is adulterated! Thank god I have stopped buying milk a long time ago.
I was reading how children in Africa are forced to work in Cocoa fields and they have never eaten chocolate in their life! They have no idea what is cocoa used for, but they are chained and forced to work. As a fellow human, if I stop buying chocolate or buy only fare trade chocolate it’s not really going to help these children. It will just become another reason for business; companies doing fare trade of chocolate will just hike the prices of the chocolate under fair trade name and make money but these kids will still be into slavery. I feel their govt. or the companies should build strong rules to stop or at least reduce such custom. But it really breaks my heart to read about these children, makes me wonder how would I feel to do the same or my child to be forced to the same as these unfortunate children!
Another curiosity made me read articles on how soldiers coming back from war have post-war Soldiers who would have returned back from Iraq must be having trouble settling back in their normal life after coming back from a country where people die every minute with a bullet or a bomb!
I am in the middle of being a grown-up and doing grown-up things. Have been house hunting and it’s almost done. It is very exciting to see houses, colors, tiles, kitchen designs, furniture and decorative pieces. I keep getting wonderful ideas of decorating my own houses with my own creations. But the amount of mental stress we have to buy a property in Bangalore city, it’s unbelievable. It makes me think what are we doing, why are we doing? Buy a piece of land, we’ll live for a span of 80 yrs and then we’ll be gone, empty handed. All that effort and emotions put in building a house or property will be gone!
Gotta get another painting keep up my spirits and peace of mind!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bird of Paradise

The first time I got to know of this flower was from the movie – From Prada to Nada…a movie referring to Mexican culture and lifestyle. Since then I have been fascinated by this flower. It’s become a part of my routine life now as I see it at my workplace each day. Everyday they bring a smile and awe to me. How pretty can nature be!
So I thought, why not make a painting of it. Couple of hours of dedicated effort and I have it on my book now J

Sunday, January 8, 2012

..with a purpose!

Love to draw and paint :)
I have again, started painting. But this time with a purpose! When I used to draw in Spokane, my husband would say, “When we go back to India, I’ll frame all your paintings and sketches and put them on the wall”. Well, when I left US…I left my file full of art at my brother’s place and now I don’t have it anymore…and soon I want to start putting up my art on the walls. So here’s a fresh start again.

Buddha Sketch

Quickly drew my signature Ganesha sketch on a small scale that will be framed and hung above the door bell. Cool idea? In the past I had drawn too many Ganesha sketches. Today I tried drawing a Buddha face. I think it came out pretty well. Now I just need to be able to shade it like the original piece.

My Signature Ganesha sketch!

I want to prepare lots of art pieces and I somewhere feel I am running out of time…no idea why! I have always wanted to learn oil painting and I am yet to do something about it. I actually want to take a small introduction/basics course. I wish I had taken a class, by now I would have had some good oil paintings to display L.

So for now, it will just be pencil colors and water color art pieces!