Sunday, January 8, 2012

..with a purpose!

Love to draw and paint :)
I have again, started painting. But this time with a purpose! When I used to draw in Spokane, my husband would say, “When we go back to India, I’ll frame all your paintings and sketches and put them on the wall”. Well, when I left US…I left my file full of art at my brother’s place and now I don’t have it anymore…and soon I want to start putting up my art on the walls. So here’s a fresh start again.

Buddha Sketch

Quickly drew my signature Ganesha sketch on a small scale that will be framed and hung above the door bell. Cool idea? In the past I had drawn too many Ganesha sketches. Today I tried drawing a Buddha face. I think it came out pretty well. Now I just need to be able to shade it like the original piece.

My Signature Ganesha sketch!

I want to prepare lots of art pieces and I somewhere feel I am running out of time…no idea why! I have always wanted to learn oil painting and I am yet to do something about it. I actually want to take a small introduction/basics course. I wish I had taken a class, by now I would have had some good oil paintings to display L.

So for now, it will just be pencil colors and water color art pieces!


  1. Ganesha sketch is so beautyful.
    I wish you all the best for your projects

  2. hey really good one... dint know this side of you all these years :-)