Sunday, January 29, 2012

Facebook in India

Facebook is used in different ways in different places. When I lived in Seattle, I had colleagues who would be surprised when their bosses or team mates added them on FB. For Americans, Facebook is very private and personal. In fact at each new release of the social network, I see my American friends post about some particular privacy setting that will prohibit certain information on your profile to unknown or unwanted visitors! I mean they take the website so seriously! They take their PRIVACY so seriously!
Well we Indians!!! We love to brag and tell and update every small bit in our life to the whole world. It could be the smallest purchase to the biggest party or trip. And we have to have the largest number of friends on FB, gotta keep that friends count running up like the stock market! Even if you just met someone the first time at work, you are added to FB right away! Everyone is curious to see your pictures, your Info, your wall, your posts and then your replies!
And if someone adds me and I don’t respond then it’s perceived in the wrong I am snotty! It’s the simplest thing that "I want to keep my privacy!" Why is it mandatory that I MUST accept a friend invite? And sometimes, I might be nice and add ONE colleague, but that then starts a chain of add request of his/her friends! So I add a colleague X and now I have to add X’s 5-10 friends too because we are all colleagues! Baaah!
It’s good to share news and info but how many of us think who is using the info we share. I see people displaying their Aadhar card snapshot on FB! Are you crazy! Aadhar card is the equivalent of SSN in USA. Everything is tracked through your SSN and it’s the most important number that you don’t share with anybody everrrrr! I know we are not sure how good Aadhar card is going to be..but at least until we know how it works, we should not be sharing it in public so carelessly!

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