Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Hmm….can’t believe it’s already a year since I started my seemed like fast and slow year. In this past year I have started my blog, moved twice in Mysore, moved from Mysore to Bangalore, switched jobs with 2 companies, lived with my uncle for a while to avoid long distance commute for job, travelled places in and around Karnataka, bought my first car. Finally, I am settling down well in Bangalore. And now the hunt for the house starts!
I am finally out of the just-returned-to-India syndrome. I have got used to the people, situation, facilities and infrastructure. There are many good and bad things in India…mostly bad…but it takes time to ignore the bad ones to start looking at the good ones. The most important thing is to be employed to get used to things and also get your mind off from bad annoying things.
The coming New Year should be great one. There are many plans and dreams that will come true, many special occasions to happen and I am eagerly waiting for them to happen.
May the New Year bring good things and peace to all. Above all I wish my country and the people progress more; we have a better govt. with educated politicians.
Happy New Year 2012 to all the readers. J

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I saw GOD!

Yeah, I did! Today I did see him up a hand distance away.  I saw AR REHMAN today that close. OH MY GOD! We had our annual excellence awards ceremony and guess who was the chief guest – ARR!! Around lunch time we got to know that he is in the nearby building, taking a tour of the company. When we reached at the bulding..there was a huge crowd waiting for Rehman to descend down from the top floor. Anxious crowd waiting desperately to take a close look of Rehman…….this close…once in a lifetime! After almost waiting for 15 mins, he  finally did come out..and the crowd roared cheering him.
As he was escorted out with guards and police…he walked past me…so close….it was all so quick..the face of the Mozart of Madras, that went past swiftly. I caught a glimpse of him. His expression was so down to earth. The man of few words, who generally is very shy, had a blushing smile as the crowd cheered and woohooo-ed.
I have never felt this amazing crowd experience, to be jolted and pushed and thrown around. But it was so much fun! So much worth it…so many Indians dream to see ARR.
At the award function couple of men actually got the award handed by ARR…the couple who hosted the entire function shared the stage up close with my head I couldn’t figure out what had they done to get so lucky…!!!! To stand next to ARR..or for the presenter to ask him questions on behalf of the employees!!!  WOW! That is some luck! It was an amazing evening with ARR not performing but his students did. He does produce world class musicians! On extreme crowd demand he did sing a line of his recent release Rockstar – Nadaan Parindey ghar aaya ja!!! A day to remember J

Monday, December 19, 2011

Recent Updates

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I posted anything on my blog. And yes, life has been extremely busy; both work and personal. Work was busy because we had client deliveries. The US clients go on vacation at this time and before that, generally all deliveries are lined up. So there were long work hours until 10pm, thanks to so many Indian holidays this year.
Personally, my grandfather was admitted in the hospital and now, he is back to home. It’s the old age, countless medicine intakes and too casual food habits to blame. With his recurring bad health, it’s a reminder and realization to all of us to have good eating habits. As we talked and discussed more, my uncle said Britishers introduced two slow-poison ingredients – Sugar and Maida (all purpose flour). It is so hard to think of cooking with only Jaggery (brown sugar) now!
I have consciously given up soft drinks now i.e. Coke and Pepsi.. I just realized 2 weeks ago, that I was unknowingly getting into the habit of drinking a glass of Pepsi almost every day after lunch at work. And I decided to mention it here, so I follow it strictly. I want to be one of those non-soda drinkers; needless to say I am a no-alcohol person.
We don’t realize how important it is to eat healthy food with good eating habits. We all are learning in my family how being cautious now can help us in future to have a normal, less troubled retired life. I am actually very surprised to see the obesity in Bangalore city, amongst the younger generation. College girls and boys these days are quite obese, thanks to all the junk food coming from the west. I am so thankful to belong to an older generation when McD or pizza hut or Coke/Pepsi  were not there and moreover we did not have the concept of ‘Pocket money’. We ate what was cooked at home by mom. So I was introduced to junk food at a much later age than today’s generation. And luckily I can differentiate between the junk food and good food. Above all to have the will power to overcome the desire to eat/drink these food items. So good luck to me to stay strong and forget soft drinks for now! Small steps towards a better lifestyle. J