Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Hmm….can’t believe it’s already a year since I started my seemed like fast and slow year. In this past year I have started my blog, moved twice in Mysore, moved from Mysore to Bangalore, switched jobs with 2 companies, lived with my uncle for a while to avoid long distance commute for job, travelled places in and around Karnataka, bought my first car. Finally, I am settling down well in Bangalore. And now the hunt for the house starts!
I am finally out of the just-returned-to-India syndrome. I have got used to the people, situation, facilities and infrastructure. There are many good and bad things in India…mostly bad…but it takes time to ignore the bad ones to start looking at the good ones. The most important thing is to be employed to get used to things and also get your mind off from bad annoying things.
The coming New Year should be great one. There are many plans and dreams that will come true, many special occasions to happen and I am eagerly waiting for them to happen.
May the New Year bring good things and peace to all. Above all I wish my country and the people progress more; we have a better govt. with educated politicians.
Happy New Year 2012 to all the readers. J

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I saw GOD!

Yeah, I did! Today I did see him up a hand distance away.  I saw AR REHMAN today that close. OH MY GOD! We had our annual excellence awards ceremony and guess who was the chief guest – ARR!! Around lunch time we got to know that he is in the nearby building, taking a tour of the company. When we reached at the bulding..there was a huge crowd waiting for Rehman to descend down from the top floor. Anxious crowd waiting desperately to take a close look of Rehman…….this close…once in a lifetime! After almost waiting for 15 mins, he  finally did come out..and the crowd roared cheering him.
As he was escorted out with guards and police…he walked past me…so close….it was all so quick..the face of the Mozart of Madras, that went past swiftly. I caught a glimpse of him. His expression was so down to earth. The man of few words, who generally is very shy, had a blushing smile as the crowd cheered and woohooo-ed.
I have never felt this amazing crowd experience, to be jolted and pushed and thrown around. But it was so much fun! So much worth it…so many Indians dream to see ARR.
At the award function couple of men actually got the award handed by ARR…the couple who hosted the entire function shared the stage up close with my head I couldn’t figure out what had they done to get so lucky…!!!! To stand next to ARR..or for the presenter to ask him questions on behalf of the employees!!!  WOW! That is some luck! It was an amazing evening with ARR not performing but his students did. He does produce world class musicians! On extreme crowd demand he did sing a line of his recent release Rockstar – Nadaan Parindey ghar aaya ja!!! A day to remember J

Monday, December 19, 2011

Recent Updates

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I posted anything on my blog. And yes, life has been extremely busy; both work and personal. Work was busy because we had client deliveries. The US clients go on vacation at this time and before that, generally all deliveries are lined up. So there were long work hours until 10pm, thanks to so many Indian holidays this year.
Personally, my grandfather was admitted in the hospital and now, he is back to home. It’s the old age, countless medicine intakes and too casual food habits to blame. With his recurring bad health, it’s a reminder and realization to all of us to have good eating habits. As we talked and discussed more, my uncle said Britishers introduced two slow-poison ingredients – Sugar and Maida (all purpose flour). It is so hard to think of cooking with only Jaggery (brown sugar) now!
I have consciously given up soft drinks now i.e. Coke and Pepsi.. I just realized 2 weeks ago, that I was unknowingly getting into the habit of drinking a glass of Pepsi almost every day after lunch at work. And I decided to mention it here, so I follow it strictly. I want to be one of those non-soda drinkers; needless to say I am a no-alcohol person.
We don’t realize how important it is to eat healthy food with good eating habits. We all are learning in my family how being cautious now can help us in future to have a normal, less troubled retired life. I am actually very surprised to see the obesity in Bangalore city, amongst the younger generation. College girls and boys these days are quite obese, thanks to all the junk food coming from the west. I am so thankful to belong to an older generation when McD or pizza hut or Coke/Pepsi  were not there and moreover we did not have the concept of ‘Pocket money’. We ate what was cooked at home by mom. So I was introduced to junk food at a much later age than today’s generation. And luckily I can differentiate between the junk food and good food. Above all to have the will power to overcome the desire to eat/drink these food items. So good luck to me to stay strong and forget soft drinks for now! Small steps towards a better lifestyle. J

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Feels like Seattle...

It’s Sunday morning. I am at work because of tight work deadlines. My work is kinda blocked and my devs are trying to fix it. Meanwhile I am writing. For the past two days I am feeling kinda good inside. It’s been drizzling here in Bangalore. It’s dark and cloudy and gloomy and chilly! If I close my eyes and take a deep breath, I can almost feel Seattle in my lungs. Due to the drizzling rains here, the streets are wet and deserted. I can vision the wet streets of Seattle, the slow-steady rains that fall all day long with intermediate breaks for few minutes. The streets are always less crowded in Seattle. So, on my bike ride to work, if I ignore the shabby street stalls on the road side and just focus on the wet road and trees, it does really feel like I am in Seattle. It’s November so it’s chilly here and there too. The only thing missing is probably the holiday season lightings and decorations on streets and in malls.
Oh Wait! Most importantly my friends are missing around me. My closest friends at Microsoft, my Seattle Thriller dance group friends and my roommates!
Frankly, I never was happy to move back to India after living for 3 years in Washington. We humans are so adaptable. It’s really surprising how we just gel so quickly to our surrounding and people and situations. It’s almost taken me a year to settle back here with respect to people, culture, facilities and way of living. And I feel at peace now than how angry and frustrated I used to be when I had just returned. Another factor I see is the proximity to husband, parents and close relatives. Living alone in Seattle, I remember cozying up in my apartment in Bellevue with a slight amount of the heater on in my bedroom, having some hot Indian comfort food Mung-dal Khicadi or steaming Fried rice or the best – hot Maggi/Curry  noodles with the best entertainment – watching Seinfeld episodes. Being away alone from family would make me think so much, have sleepless nights. Now I feel at peace. There is no more worry, there is a stagnant job in hand and there is my husband by my side, with parents reachable in my time zone.
The past two days have brought good old memory of Seattle in Bangalore… I can imagine my American friends celebrating Thanksgiving with their family and friends, Indian friends going on vacations during the holiday. I wish them all a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and Happy Holiday. Hope this year has been good and brought peace to all. Miss you Seattlites!
Happy Thanksgiving J

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ultimate celebration

I was off for 3 days involved in the wedding of my sister-in-law. Weddings are the ultimate celebrations in India. It’s the ultimate showdown of everything you’ve got to put up a great show of everything to everyone coming for the wedding. The wedding card, the hall, the preparations, the food, the whole ceremony and the varied tension of getting things done the right way at the right time…the whole thing ends so’s like a movie!
When we dropped in, all the cousins had reached..the big fat Indian wedding was on track…all aunts and uncles under one roof. No space is enough to accommodate all. All hands are cooking or cleaning or arranging something…things happen faster…food is ready and younger group sits for dinner first. Loving moms are busy feeding all the adult-children! There is one aunt sitting in the center of the hall and we all sit around her..while she distributes food to each plantain leaf! Couple of cousins share food in the same leaf..another couple too follows the same…brotherhood and sisterhood and spousehood…all in the same room! Suddenly one cousin wails..Amma….some rice…Ammaa…and all follow the lead…in chorus…Ammma….some rice ammmaa… (imitating the beggars when they beg for alms). Different moms react differently..while some moms can’t bear the joke of their kids begging another cool moms joins in our laughter!
So many girls…so many hands to fill with Henna. Not to forget moms and aunts! And the amount of work that will be blocked with henna hands. Night time is even crazy with so many people finding space to sleep. Talks and giggles seem endless after the lights are put off! Moms warning to go to sleep soon because we have to get up early next day! In my head I think and ask my husband, “I woke up early in my wedding…almost had sleepless nights! Then why be sleepless in other’s wedding. I mean why do Indian weddings events have to be so early in the morning…4am…5am???”
It is always fun to be the bride’s team. After all it’s the bride, people look at. Wedding day is the only day the bride looks so flawless, so decorated. Most girls realize that make-up indeed looks good on them. Even the most tomboyish girl loves getting dressed and made up! It is really so much fun to be a girl..the saree, matching jewelry, the kinds of jewelry, the hairdos makeup and the bright smile that lights up everyone!

South Indian wedding have their own glow of the rich, heavy, gold thread woven silk sarees, that display mutilple colors at different angles. The Indian obsession of gold jewelry is justified when they are worn on the beautiful silk sarees. The typical long plait of hair, with studded jewelry is perfectly traditional! The flowers in the hairdo, the colored glass bangles, the silver anklets all make the wedding so worth it!
The wedding day is emotional for all the women in the hall; when the groom ties the wedding knot the bride’s mom can’t hold it in…and almost of us (women) weep silently in our places. Young girls remember their wedding day..moving away from parents…moms remember giving away their daughters…it’s a mutual moment all women share and men miserably fail to understand to the extent of asking us “why are YOU crying now!!!” Duh!
It’s a sweet bitter moment for the bride’s parents..the joy of getting the daughter married but the pain of giving away the daughter you raised so dearly… <sigh>!!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Last night I went for Rockstar! I am still high with the musical movie! Awesome movie, rocking music…I can’t ever decide if the latest music of Rehman is the best..because he just gets better each time!!! This album totally makes you feel, “nothing like this before”..and it happens at each of his new release!Indians don’t have Rockstars! Indian music (Bollywood or folk) is very cultural, lovey-dovey where everything is a fairytale and all is good at the end of the movie. Evil dies and good prevails blah blah! A rockstar lifestyle is not common for us; we have no Britney Spears or Curt Cobain or Bryan Adams! Our musicians don’t depict the depression, sorrow, anger and frustration of reality that the English ones do! Probably that is why the younger generation survives on English rock music!
Sadda Haq song from the movie (loved the lyrics)
The director Imtiaz Ali is one of my favorites. He has delivered best of movies until now. He definitely has a different and unique vision when it comes to Indian –bollywood film making! The direction is good, music direction by Rehman is mind blowing as always. I had heard of how Rehman was totally impressed and a fan of Singer Mohit Chauhan. It’s so obvious, that the singer has sung about 9 songs in this movie and god! What a performance…He’s got the Indian rockstar voice!!!
Ranbir Kapoor! Well this has to be his best performance until now or the only best! He’s acted very well with respect to the emotions and lip sync for the songs. He looks like he is actually singing the songs. Being the focal point of the movie, the actress is not great at acting. It’s a brilliant move to get a fresh face for the character as the existing actresses have already set a trend for themselves, but given the opportunity she could have acted much better. Eventually they do look great as a pair but you can see the intensity in Ranbir’s acting better towards the girl.
It’s a must watch in the theaters to just enjoy the music that Rehman has created. He has got perfection in making the ultimate Kawali’s now. Kun Faaya Kun is a beautiful piece of music. Saada Haq rocks big time both in music and lyrics. It is actually an intense story with an emotional quotient as a life of a rockstar. But the comical scenes take away the seriousness that was indeed required. It should be a memorable movie for Ranbir in real life as he worked with his late grandfather Shammi Kapoor.I don’t like the ending of the movie where the director leaves it vague for the audience to decide what happens..being used to Bollywood we are used to knowing the “GOOD-END”. But that’s how the direction should have been for this script. Excellent movie!
For those who might enjoy the song Sadda Haq and want to know the meaning of the song -

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Art of bargain

I have spent almost a year in India now, at a stretch. And the art of bargaining is coming into my character, very slow but I am making progress.  Living in India, purchase is always done by bargaining. I have never really been comfortable with this act. Infact I am the best customer any vendor could get; I just pay what I am asked for. You say 300 I’ll pay 300, you say 50 I’ll pay 50 without asking how or why? Not an Indian trait. I somehow find it cheap or may be degrading to bargain. No idea really!
Sometimes I visit this off the street vegetable vendor in the evening on my way home from work. The vendor is sometimes nice to me to let go off a rupee or two. And thanks to his acquaintance I am slowly learning how to bargain. There are different levels to bargaining. It’s really an art. You should know the right amount to bargain, have a bit of idea of the general market price, give out the right reason for your bargain etc etc. Like my dad has always brought the grocery at home and he knows the market prices of all the items so well from the newspaper, he’ll argue with the vendors saying the newspaper quoted this price and you are asking for more!!! You have to be updated with the latest info to not be fooled.
Today I stopped to buy bunch of spinach. The kid at the store said 6/- a bunch. I said fine, I’ll take 2 for 10. The kid said, no ma’m it’s actually 7/- and I am giving you for 6/-. I told him to call the regular owner and when I asked him he said the same, 6/- a bunch. I was quick. I said “come on it’s not even that fresh looking..I am gonna cook it only tomorrow. 10 for is fine”
The thing about vegetables is that vendors want to sell them off by the end of the day, as the shelf life of the commodity is small. Especially leafy vegetables. So the same bunch of spinach which is 10/- each at 5pm becomes 6/- each by 7pm. And if I am buying two I can BARGAIN it at 10/- for 2. J And hence I saved 2 rupees today. Not a big deal..but someday I might be able to bargain more. Baby steps at becoming a true Indian ha haha..
Like how Russell Peters says about Indian customers-
Vendor: 200/-
Vendor: 180/-
Customer: 60/-….blah blah blah
Vendor: Ok Last price 120/- Take it…and go…Take it and go!
Customer: Last price 80/-
And the deal is done at 100!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


The other night we went to watch; Shahrukh’s latest sci-fi, big budget movie of 2011. It’s a good start for sci-fi movies in India. Frankly, I feel the Indian audience is not meant for sci-fi, futuristic movies. We can stand all the ridiculous climaxes for a typical bollywood movie or the hero never dying or even hit by a bullet but an officially labeled science fiction movie is too much for us to take.

My review: It’s a good movie to watch once. The logic of using the Xbox technology is cool, where you play with actual physical movements. The artificial intelligence idea is also pretty cool…kinda on the lines of iRobot of Will Smith. Shahrukh’s movies have their own style of humor which is kinda family style; you can watch his movies with a family basically! But being a bollywood movie and that too starring Kareena, they have to have the ‘paisa vasool’ factor. So what if Kareena is playing a teenager’s mom and dances very scantily dressed on the son’s birthday or even on the launch party with her husband.
If I have to compare with Rajnikanth’s Robot and SRK’s Ra.One, I feel Rajni did better with action and variety of the robotics technology. While the graphics of is much cooler than Robot. SRK’s movies have to have the emotional content too, so that eats up some of the creative time of the movie. Kareena is a doll in the movie. When she abused last time in Jab we met, it was a hilarious scene and probably they tried to re-create it again…an Indian woman using foul language..trying to generate comedy.
I have seen the email jokes of and they are really very funny, but I still feel it’s a good movie to watch. Just thinking of all the effort that goes in generating that entire cool graphics, I think the Indian audience is just not fair. Because they can stand all the senseless movies Salman Khan makes but a descent sci-fi movie, they want to laugh it off! And the double standards for Hollywood and bollywood movies is insane. The audience can go in awe for super complex movies like matrix, minority report, inception even though they can’t understand squat until they watch them like 5-8 times but the same done in bollywood with Indian style is to criticize!
Enjoy the Ra.One jokes-
1) Govt of India just announced Rs 50,000 relief to all those who watched RA1... Rs.25,000 for those who left before interval!!! :D
2) Breaking News...! Crocin, Disprin, Combiflam, Adol Panadol, Diclomol and all Headache Tablets Stock over after RA.ONE's release!!! :D
3) Salman to SRK after watching Ra.One,"Mujh par ek ehsaan karna, dubara aisi movie mat banana"!! :p
4) Rahul Gandhi to meet people affected after seeing Ra.One!! :p
5) Even doesn't wanna waste time by watching!
6) Ra.One gives more pain than a wife - HARD TO BELIVE BUT TRUE!!
7) Get RA.ONE under Lokpal bill...! Put people behind bars who made such movie!!
8) 100 people committed mass suicide after watching!
9) Santa: SRK has launched a scheme...all audience get ticket of for free! and he claims it will break all box office records!!
Banta: WTH!! How will the film do business??
Santa: Oh they are charging people who try to exit!!
10) Digvijay Singh- RSS hand behind Ra.One's release... :O
11) Abhishek Bachchan- 'Ravan was better than!....Seriously!'...
12) Santa: I need Poison..
Chemist: I cant sell without prescription.
Santa shows his used tickets...
Chemist: bus kar pagle, rulayega kya...badi bottle du ya chhoti.....

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wayanad – piece of heaven on earth

Steam coming off the streets after rain

Work has been very hectic, especially for my husband. After working on Diwali day, we decided to go away for couple of days. We initially planned for Ooty but on our way, we got to know that Ooty has heavy rainfall on the go we changed to Wayanad. Stopped over in Mysore; met my grandparents, took my grandpa too with us. The drive from Mysore to Wayanad is a small drive of about 3 hours. By the way, Wayanad is a hilly small town in Kerala. Only in recent years it has been a tourist space because of Mysorians I guess! Mind you, there is a forest in between Mysore and Wayanad which has to be crossed before 6pm after which the forest department closes the entry gate until 6am. This is to not disturb the wildlife that crosses around. We made it well before 6 into Wayanad. So we drove to a Karapuzha Dam. The speciality of this Dam is that it is the biggest MUD dam in Asia. The whole dam, except the spill way is built in soil. It was very serene.

We halted in Sulthan Bathery as it is kind of the heart of the town. Next morning, we started off with a list of places to see from the pamphlet we bought. We started with the GanapathivattomTemple – Lord Ganesha Temple in Sulthan Bathery. Ganapathivattom was the original name of this place after which it got the current name Sulthan Bathery, when Tipu Sultan conquered this place! Then we drove to Edakkal Caves. These caves depict the pre-historic heritage of Wayanad. The cave was formed in the crevice of a broken rock and another massive rock. The carvings on its walls display the cultural practices of the Neolithic age.

We drove to the location which is very steep. We decided to walk up the 1km distance instead of the jeeps that go to and fro. I must say the way up to the caves is very very steep to climb and to get down. We stopped every few meters and continued. There is a small cave at the base above which the large cave rests and holds the stone-age carvings. There are at least some 50 or more steps that we have to climb up to finally reach the cave. We stopped mid way to look around and it was just gorgeous…thick dense forest till the horizon. It was like a scene from the Jurassic park! Finally when we reached at the entrance of the cave, we had to get down another 15 steps. All these steps are made now with strong metal pipes & stone steps. The cave has light coming in from the top…and at the start you see the carvings. There are numerous carvings of the King, a child, a Queen, wheels etc..showing life in those times. There is a rock with scripting that reads as “we killed tigers here to live in this cave”
The King, a child face
They are very detailed and clear carvings. And totally worth all that hiking up to the cave. From this height, we could also see the famous Phantom rock – A human shaped rock. Wayanad has lots of waterfalls, one of the famous ones is the Meenmutty Falls. We did drive to this place and walk down the fields of coffee and tea plantations..but half-way through we learnt that the falls are another 1km down the hill and we had our grandpa walking with us with great difficulty. So after almost a km of walk we decided to go back. But our mood got all adventurous when we accidentally saw one large spider and we got the bug of photography. We were clicking this once spider and we noticed there was another larger one next to it..and the awe and excitement went adding as we found 4-5 large spider, all very beautiful but still scary. I tested one of the web strings and it was really strong like a nylon string; pretty strong spiders and moved on before it gets scary like the Hollywood movies and once of us turns into a Spiderman! I would like to be called Spiderwoman if I did! But yeah we got gorgeous pictures – good enough for those Animal Plant geeks!
View from the Eddakal Caves
Next  we decided to see is the Banasura Sagar Dam. The drive to this dam was just scenic..with beautiful dense Tea plantation, low lying clouds..just showered wet roads. The place is just full of plantations estates of coffee, tea, black pepper and Bettel nut! The betel nut palms are so tall and! Unbelievable and beautiful! The roads in the whole city are pretty good with some potholes sometimes, should be from this year’s monsoon.
Spider 1
Spider 2
Spider 3
Tea Plantations
Banasura Sagar Dam is India’s largest earth Dam. It is quite commercialized now since my husband visited it almost 6 years ago when there were no boating services then!
Beautiful landscape of Tea estate
I have to mention the people of Kerala was very nice..if not to generalize for Kerala, people of Wayanad. They are very warm and welcoming; very helpful in directing places. Unlike my experiences in Tamilnadu, here people speak Hindi very well; English - almost everybody does. I could sense my geography lessons from school all through my trip – Kerala is the state with highest literacy rate! Very well proved! Moreover they seem very hard working people. Typically I have seen Kannadiga men in Mysore and Bangalore who gather up in groups or 5-20 and gossip, which I find very weird. But Wayanad people always look busy, working, doing an activity. Another peculiarity of the place is that they always serve hot water in all the restaurants. Wayanad has a cold weather and hence they always drink warm water. The water also is rose pink in color. What I thought was potassium, turned out to be some Ayurvedic  wooden bark that is boiled with the water giving it that color and the strength to people to fight cold weather illness. And you can’t miss the traditional attire of the men here. They all wear the white pancha or colored lungi…these are kinda wrap-around skirt things that men wear. Men in my family also wear these but not on the streets. Wayanad people wear lungi’s as their official attire...The elegent ones are those white ones, let down all the way to the feet; the weird looking ones are those folded up to the waist & really crazy colors.
The last spot we visited was Pookkode Lake. Beautifully set lake between mountains. It’s like a scene from the movies. We did boating for some 20mins..I am sure they’ve shot numerous bollywood movies here…if they haven’t it is an option for Ooty.

Tender Tea leaves - Remember the Lipton Tea commercial

Chembra Peak

Pookkode Lake
We started at 5 pm from the lake for Mysore and my husband forgot about the 6pm limit of the forest gates. We reached the Gate at 6.15 and the officials had already closed the gates. We had another car behind us. We went to the forest officials. The guy was kind and quick enough to let us go on a condition that when we reach the other end, we tell the officials that we’d crossed the gates before 6pm J. We had already thought we had to go back to Sulthan Bathery and spend another night. So we quickly made a move after giving our information to the officer. It was getting dark so quickly. We started off and in 10 mins it was pitch dark. We were quite scared especially my husband who was driving. In his head he was thinking what would happen if we have an elephant charging at us from the front. I have to admit the drive was scary…in the dark we could see twinkling eyes…and the first I saw a bunch of those yellow sparkling mind thought of all animals like tigers, lions, hyena, foxes blah blah…to our relief those were a pack of spotted deers that we’d seen just few minutes ago before we entered the jungle. And then we drove past a Bison who was busy eating grub and not disturbed by our car lights. We had a little fox run across and then what seemed like an Owl that flew right above our hood. I guess it wasn’t very happy with the car lights. Pack of deers every few meters was always scary. It took us exactly 30 mins to reach the other end. All through the route we did see villagers walking in groups which made me wonder how cool are they about wildlife crossing! The dark ride still scares us a lot and we were glad we reached the other end without any wild event! You have to respect the nature.
Banasura Sagar Dam
Except for this one major mistake, we had a great trip to Wayanad and next time we go there we’d cover the waterfalls and make sure we have no oldies with us. J Enjoy the pictures of beautiful serene Wayanad.


Check out this phone I saw. The phone owner said “it’s from China market” The pictures will probably explain what is China market J
It’s a Suny Ericssom phone not a ‘Sony Ericsson’! And it’s designed by ‘Apole’ from California and assembled in China! I really wonder if the Model displayed on the back is true or just some gibberish typed by a kid playing on the computer. Now I know why Steve Jobs was so bitter about his idea being stolen by others!
And in my husband’s opinion (ex-iPhone user) this fake phone was much better than the original iPhone because the touch on this fake phone was not very sensitive. In the sense, I had to really press hard for the screen to sense my finger touch! My husband said iPhone technology is too touch sensitive that sometimes the phone might automatically make a call just by a mistaken brush of your finger! Ouch! I know that hurts Steve!
Even more painful is the price! As against the original iPhone price that starts from 35k/- ($800) this fake one with exactly the same look and functionality costs only 3k/- ($70). Did Apple forget to copyright or patent their technology? May be an iMade patent?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Diwali

When most of the companies have a holiday today for Diwali, we had a regular work day. Even though most of the people are already on vacation we had a decent amount of employees at work. I did last minute shopping for the Laxmi Pooja ceremony. Got earthen lamps for the first time. As I write I realize that this actually my FIRST Diwali in India after my marriage in May 2007...hmmm! Time flies really fast! Its definitely not as exciting as it used to be before...mainly because we have so much work and our parents are in other states, so there is no family get togethers.

I shall get busy making some Diwali snacks to share some with my new team mates...after filing almost 100 defect in 3 days...I have to be nice to them now J
My little earthen lamps
Here's wishing you all a wonderful Diwali with family and close friends. May the festival bring joy, love and prosperity to all.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Indian good vs Foreign goods

I got a mail forward speaking of how the Indian economy is in danger.
Before 12 months 1USD = INR 39
After 12 months, now 1USD = INR 50
It talks about how the Indian market is losing to western products; profits of the western products being sent abroad. And then a list of Indian products that we should use daily to beat the western ones. As I started to read the examples…I was feeling bad that yeah, we don’t use more Indian products or the fact that we don’t even know which products are Indian. But when I started thinking of the quality of the Indian products listed, I thought that the Indian products are nowhere close to their competitor and hence they can’t keep up. Simplest example said,
From my very recent experience, Amulya milk powder sucks. It was a waste of money coz it never made good consistent milk. I would be left with chunks of milk power which I had to filter out, they just wouldn’t dissolve. Try Everyday milk – no complains!
Don’t even get me started on BSNL. Last time I relocated within 2 streets in Mysore, the BSNL guys were beyond reluctant to even relocate our phone connection. With a full-fledged residential crowd around us, they made excuses of saying “we’ll have to see if we’ve got coverage in your area”. I was like “Dude, I see the BSNL phone box from the previous tenant in this house!!” For the laziness of the govt. organizations, we can’t complain of private/foreign competitors. In fact I think it is another scam where govt. offices make some commission letting the Private companies to flourish.
And there were a bunch of other comparisons like no western cold drinks, toothpastes, toothbrush, soaps, food like KFC, McD, Pizza Hut. Frankly, how is the govt. trying to develop pure Indian products that meet the need and quality of the common man? There is REASON why the western products do well. Indian market has never known the concept of ‘Customer is god’ or ‘Customer Satisfaction’ or ‘Customer Delight’ or ‘Quality product’!
Everyone wants to be patriotic; but to save the economy, asking citizens to use products that don’t meet the needs and quality is meaningless, in my opinion.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pet Adoption

Mamma's got a funny tail to play with
How much thought should I really put when adopting a cat? There is an outdoor cat in my building that gave birth to two kittens 3 weeks ago. Since then I have had this desperation to get one home. Of course I did a lot of thinking. When I lived in the US, I used to see cats sitting in apartment windows. Cats there are more like indoor pets. Some do go out..those I believe live on the ground floor or have a yard. By the way, the cats there are just gorgeous, they are so much more furry, of course to help them with the cold weather, but still they look just beautiful all puffy with thick furJ.
So curious of the new surrounding
Needless to say Americans treat their pets no less than their kids. The food, the medication & vaccines and all the love and care is just like their own child. I live on the third floor and I have two balconies. So I will have to baby proof one of them so the cat is safe at this height. Since she will live on the third floor there is no way she can be an outdoor cat. So I will have to arrange the litter box for her, some toys and food. I looked for all these things and they are available here in Bangalore. Vaccinations can be done at a vet.

Two is company...playing tag!
But I still have so many apprehensions about really getting the kitten. I am not completely settled in Bangalore. We travel on trips once a month or two on the weekends. What if I get relocated to another place and I have to let go the catL. My mind doesn’t agree to use the pet for a while and put it away at a later point. After all, it is a living soul that will bring me joy and have an attachment with me. I can’t use it like a toy. If only I was 100% sure of my location I would totally get the cat.

It sounds like ‘I am putting too much thought to’s just a cat’, but no..I can’t bring the pet for a while, it has to be for a lifetime. Arrgh! So confused!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I feel goooood!

Today, exactly after a year I feel lively with my job. Being a software tester, probably last year this time I filed my last defect! After getting bored and feeling out of place at my previous job, today at the new workplace I tested my application and found about 35 defects! Whattaa day!
I feel sooo gooood! I feel like I am serving my purpose again….of finding defects in a software! J I am almost high with today’s work; all kinds of silly jokes are coming to my mind…the crappy commercial of Saif Ali khan…  “Have I made it large” LOL So funny!
I know my new team of developers is going to hate me…hate me …hate me!!! However, my team of developers is awesome. But I just thought of this; whenever a product is released, what do people say ‘The software they developed is so cool’ or ‘Apple has developed this awesome application’. You see, no one ever thinks of all the infinite tests that are performed before a product is launched.  
I am one of those little hidden angel that makes my developers look cool! J AWESOME day!!!!!! Good night friends!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Change is essential

I haven’t got much chance to visit my blog and post recently. I just changed my workplace. I know I hopped too quickly between companies in this single year. But this one is a keeper! I think unless I do something to help myself, nothing is going to happen. If the company is not helping you to build your career its good time to think of moving on. I was sick of being idle, surrounded by colleagues that come to spend 9 hours at work to chit-chat & giggle and bad management!
But the cost of this change is no in no blogging at all. And am I glad I have so much work to keep me busy that I can’t think of my blog or articles to post! I like my new work place and people but most importantly work. It really matters to enjoy your work, to get that satisfaction of doing something and achieving something at the end of day; money is secondary.
As my ex-manager told me that bad experiences also teach us things, I have learnt some important things about management both work and people. It is really very easy to learn from other’s bad actions and decisions. But I am going to try to keep up with my blog in coming days.. Good night! A full work week awaits tomorrow.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hobbies to relax

Sunday rainy evening ...nothing to do going out in the wet a sudden rush to go back to my hobby of painting...wished to color something quickly than sit and sketch for long....Tulips!!! Quick and beautiful to color! Lots of opportunity to mix and blend colors and give shades! Very satisfying night! J
Tulip festival memories from Seattle :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I have moved into Bangalore for a while now. Working and managing the house is difficult. In the US, vacuuming the house once in 2 weeks was more than enough. In India, sweeping & wiping the floor is required on a daily basis due to the amount of dust! I hired a new maid for utensils & cleaning the floor. I have a washing machine ….phew! What a relief!

A muslim woman, Salma was to join but she got her sister-in-law Reshma instead. Each of them has 3 kids; this I got to know on different occasions of casual chat. I was put to think. These women obviously don’t come from well to do families. The govt. has been encouraging 1 child since a decade now to control the exploding Indian population.
And here we have a community that multiplies even today like olden times. Of course we can’t point it out. It could be seen as a religious difference. Population control should come within to every Indian considering how will their child have a better future.
Now these 2 women have 6 kids…these will in turn multiply to 18…that is a lot! And the biggest concern in my mind is what will be the future for the 6 children they have now. The little ones go to school now, but obviously they won’t be able to support their higher education or even high school.
I forgot to mention my maid’s husband is bed-ridden due to an accident, that is why she is working in houses or her husband would have never let her work. L
 I watched the new show TerraNova on Star World yesterday. It’s a Steven Spielberg TV show so I want to really follow from day 1. It’s a futuristic show from 22nd century set in some 2147 year. I’ll just share the gist of the first show. Our planet earth is unfit to live now. They use a ‘re-breather’ to live a healthy life else the polluted atmospheric air deteriorates their health. The atmosphere is dark and brown & dusty with no sunshine or greenery. The lifestyle in future is too systematic. It’s a world of Steve Jobs really! Everything is electronic and touch & magnetic & totally automatic! The system is run on very strict rules. The show starts with one of the basic rules – A Family can have a maximum of TWO children. Any more than two is a VIOLATION and is strictly punished. The main family in focus breaks this law and has a third child resulting in the husband being jailed. In the meantime the scientists and govt together have build a system that takes us back to the past in the dinosaur age like a time travel thing, where there is lots of sunlight and lots of oxygen. The basic plot is that humans have exhausted Earth to such an extent that it’s not a habitat that supports life or growth and the answer to our future existence is in the past now. And we try to use this second chance to not repeat our mistakes like wars, pollution, etc.
The reference of this show to my above discussion is pretty obvious, the rule per family to multiply. Though it seems unrealistic to make it a law, looking at the Indian population such rules might become a reality in the future, may be even before 2147!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sunset today

Somehow, sunsets are the best objects to click! Loved the sharp curve of the Sun today...and in seconds it was gone!

Happy Dasara

It’s the 10th day after Navaratri celebrating Vijayadashmi also called Dasara. Leaving aside the mythological meaning of end of the demon and evil…blah blah… I vividly remember how we celebrated this day in my childhood.
It’s the day you wash your automobile. J Back then, each one of us in the society would have a cycle…a bicycle! We’d wash them like whose cycle is the cleanest…wash and scrub all the corners….the little bell, the handle, spokes and the metal rim of the wheels. Now if I think, there isn’t really much to wash in a cycle. But as a child, it’s your Kawasaki or Harley Davidson or a red sports car!
It would be more like a group event with all the kids washing their cycles! And later around 11am my mom would bring the plate with a oil lamp & incent sticks & the holy colored powders..we’d worship the cycle as a gesture of THANK YOU. And not just bicycles. We’d wash my dad’s scooter too. Every vehicle in the parking lot, on the streets, in the city would have marigold garland. J We’d have a garland of mango leaves at the entrance of the door. Indian traditions!
Worshipped all of them. Thank you Technology :)
We were taught to worship inanimate things like a vehicle! It’s a gesture of gratitude towards things that help you in your life. My mom would keep a book from me & my brother as a gesture of worship to Goddess Saraswati – Goddess of Knowledge & wisdom.
Today, I for almost the first time did all of these activities. I worshipped my Gas stove, TV, washing machine, fridge, Car & our bike. I was thinking as the technology increases we should be thankful to so many appliances say phone, microwave, blender etc. Right?
It’s my inner feeling of success when I worshipped to all these objects. I know it’s all material success and it’s no measure of an individual’s growth as a person. But still it makes us happy and peaceful to see how we’ve managed to grow up decently. When I washed my cycle, I probably didn’t care as much as I do today when I wash my car or clean my TV. There is a sense of responsibility. They represent little milestones in our journey. It’s always a big thing to have your first car or TV or a washing machine! There is certain belongingness….for now!
Happy Dasara to all J.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Glimpse of my photography

It has been one pouring rainy weekend in Bangalore. I managed to quickly capture a wonderful sunset on friday evening, just before heading out! Gorgeous eh! J

Bombe Habba – The Doll Festival

Dolls depicting story of Lord Rama
The 9 days festival of Navratri is on. The 10th day will be the Daseera festival. During these 9 days is a festive season with food, colorful dresses, festive celebrations with musicals, dances shows etc. Mysore has a 10 day festival with public shows, elephant parades on the last day. People visit Mysore just to attend the 10-day festival. Though I am born in Mysore, I have never seen the actual festival. Simply because I never lived there through my childhood; and through the past two years I have been away during this time of the year. Each of the 9 days hold significance in the Indian mythology. During this time, people celebrate Golu or Bombe Habba by arranging various dolls depicting the culture of old India, the people from agricultural background, the kings and queens, dolls of various gods and goddesses.

Dolls depicting lifestyle, gods, art and culture
We were invited by my husband’s colleague for the Doll festival; quite unusual with a lunch invite. After the festive meal we went into their bungalow. The entire ground floor was filled with numerous doll so many that I think they would have a bedroom just to store these dolls. And what an amazing collection of dolls! They are a join family and have dolls from generations; clay and mud ones, wooden, metal, all kinds! And even to this date they add a set of doll each year to their collection.
Full stage of dolls
Like this year they ordered to make a set of 10 pieces depicting the life of Lord Rama. I had so much fun watching through all the dolls. They were like a museum of dolls! All well preserved and maintained!
And the mood was amazing; what a beautiful festival of inviting friends to come over and see the doll collection. And the whole family celebrates it; a different scene to see a joint family celebrate the festival so collectively and sharing the same hobby.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beauty of my IDLI

Today I successfully made a perfect batch of Idlis. I am still not sure what is the exact secret of soft, light, fluffy idli but I got it this time perfectly with my mom's recipe. May be it’s the perfect over the top fermentation!

I am not a great fan of Idli because in my childhood my mom would make Idlis EVERY Monday morning because it used to be easy for her to prep on Sunday! Working woman! Not complaining, but in my head it stuck forever that Monday = Idli. Since then, I probably caught the nausea of eating idli; to this date it’s not even the last choice of food for me! Although, I enjoy Rava idli!

But today I ate 4 Idlis for breakfast! I think your sincere efforts always taste different & good! Blissful yummy Wednesday morning! J

Monday, September 26, 2011

Art of Living

Past 6 days I had been attending a basic, beginner’s class of AOL! My thoughts are all dis-oriented right now. But I have an over-all conclusion about the class. AOL is for losers. Losers not in a bad or funny way; in way that people who are depressed, are full of negativity or suicidal or need some moral up-liftment in life or refesh the basic morals of life.
Most of the course was about breathing exercises and Yoga exercises. I have practiced both in bits and parts in the past, but never been consistent about it. Their aim is to control the mind through breathing exercises.
One of the day, the instructor said when we go into our past or future we are sad. And hence we forget to live the present moment. I beg to differ. There are infinite times from the past that make me happy when I remember them. And I PLAN my future so it turns into my present bringing me happiness! Thinking of future doesn’t mean sadness always! If we don’t think of our future then we are just like other animals on the planet, living our life and die one day! (PS: Even animals plan their future – ants, bees etc!)
Their example to control our anger and frustration- Accept things as they are. Bangalore traffic, Yes it is there. What can we do? Why should we get angry? Accept it and be calm and happy. No, sorry! Again beg to differ. If Bangalore has never-ending traffic woes, yes we accept that we need better road planning!!! Not accept the problem & be quiet. In that case there wouldn’t have been those many flyovers in the city. We can’t just accept the problem; accept it and find a solution. There wouldn’t have been innovations in the world!
Most of the things they mention in the course I already knew it or executed it. For example – doing random acts of kindness. We don’t keep a watch to find an opportunity; when an opportunity comes we morally help the needy person. It is but natural!
One of the students listed ‘following traffic rules’ as his random act of kindness! Can you believe it! The instructors just laughed it off instead of giving it back to the guy saying it your responsibility to follow traffic rules, not a favor to the society!
Taking responsibility! Yes we do take it, but some instances need authority too. They said irresponsible’s are complainers! Let me share an example – If there is criminal act happening in my neighborhood the first thing would be to complain to the police than taking the responsibility of being the police! And any morally right person will take the least responsibility of calling the police!
There are infinite examples of people who have led a very fruitful life personally and socially like Bill Gates, without such courses. Everyone comes from failures, you, me and all. No one is perfect. When I look at my life and me as of now, I am happy how far I have come from where I was! And all this with no one to tell us things taught in the course. I am partly from my upbringing from my parents and some of my own intellect and understanding. I truly feel I don’t need such a course. I have ambitions to achieve things in life, see places and I will do them to my best while being happy. Happiness is very relative! To be always happy is hypocrisy and ignorance to situations around us. I have a logical mind, I have to reason to things than just accept & act like nothing is wrong in the world.
I will continue to do the exercises but I surely don’t think I need a lesson on how to be happy and content! Because it can’t be forced!
Another note: We went to the Ashram and it is really hard to believe that so many people believe in these Gurus and their techniques of leading life! The HUGE crowd is unbelievable, but still fails to rope me in!!!
Disclaimer: This is my own opinion and experience. To each their own!