Saturday, November 5, 2011


The other night we went to watch; Shahrukh’s latest sci-fi, big budget movie of 2011. It’s a good start for sci-fi movies in India. Frankly, I feel the Indian audience is not meant for sci-fi, futuristic movies. We can stand all the ridiculous climaxes for a typical bollywood movie or the hero never dying or even hit by a bullet but an officially labeled science fiction movie is too much for us to take.

My review: It’s a good movie to watch once. The logic of using the Xbox technology is cool, where you play with actual physical movements. The artificial intelligence idea is also pretty cool…kinda on the lines of iRobot of Will Smith. Shahrukh’s movies have their own style of humor which is kinda family style; you can watch his movies with a family basically! But being a bollywood movie and that too starring Kareena, they have to have the ‘paisa vasool’ factor. So what if Kareena is playing a teenager’s mom and dances very scantily dressed on the son’s birthday or even on the launch party with her husband.
If I have to compare with Rajnikanth’s Robot and SRK’s Ra.One, I feel Rajni did better with action and variety of the robotics technology. While the graphics of is much cooler than Robot. SRK’s movies have to have the emotional content too, so that eats up some of the creative time of the movie. Kareena is a doll in the movie. When she abused last time in Jab we met, it was a hilarious scene and probably they tried to re-create it again…an Indian woman using foul language..trying to generate comedy.
I have seen the email jokes of and they are really very funny, but I still feel it’s a good movie to watch. Just thinking of all the effort that goes in generating that entire cool graphics, I think the Indian audience is just not fair. Because they can stand all the senseless movies Salman Khan makes but a descent sci-fi movie, they want to laugh it off! And the double standards for Hollywood and bollywood movies is insane. The audience can go in awe for super complex movies like matrix, minority report, inception even though they can’t understand squat until they watch them like 5-8 times but the same done in bollywood with Indian style is to criticize!
Enjoy the Ra.One jokes-
1) Govt of India just announced Rs 50,000 relief to all those who watched RA1... Rs.25,000 for those who left before interval!!! :D
2) Breaking News...! Crocin, Disprin, Combiflam, Adol Panadol, Diclomol and all Headache Tablets Stock over after RA.ONE's release!!! :D
3) Salman to SRK after watching Ra.One,"Mujh par ek ehsaan karna, dubara aisi movie mat banana"!! :p
4) Rahul Gandhi to meet people affected after seeing Ra.One!! :p
5) Even doesn't wanna waste time by watching!
6) Ra.One gives more pain than a wife - HARD TO BELIVE BUT TRUE!!
7) Get RA.ONE under Lokpal bill...! Put people behind bars who made such movie!!
8) 100 people committed mass suicide after watching!
9) Santa: SRK has launched a scheme...all audience get ticket of for free! and he claims it will break all box office records!!
Banta: WTH!! How will the film do business??
Santa: Oh they are charging people who try to exit!!
10) Digvijay Singh- RSS hand behind Ra.One's release... :O
11) Abhishek Bachchan- 'Ravan was better than!....Seriously!'...
12) Santa: I need Poison..
Chemist: I cant sell without prescription.
Santa shows his used tickets...
Chemist: bus kar pagle, rulayega kya...badi bottle du ya chhoti.....

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