Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Last night I went for Rockstar! I am still high with the musical movie! Awesome movie, rocking music…I can’t ever decide if the latest music of Rehman is the best..because he just gets better each time!!! This album totally makes you feel, “nothing like this before”..and it happens at each of his new release!Indians don’t have Rockstars! Indian music (Bollywood or folk) is very cultural, lovey-dovey where everything is a fairytale and all is good at the end of the movie. Evil dies and good prevails blah blah! A rockstar lifestyle is not common for us; we have no Britney Spears or Curt Cobain or Bryan Adams! Our musicians don’t depict the depression, sorrow, anger and frustration of reality that the English ones do! Probably that is why the younger generation survives on English rock music!
Sadda Haq song from the movie (loved the lyrics)
The director Imtiaz Ali is one of my favorites. He has delivered best of movies until now. He definitely has a different and unique vision when it comes to Indian –bollywood film making! The direction is good, music direction by Rehman is mind blowing as always. I had heard of how Rehman was totally impressed and a fan of Singer Mohit Chauhan. It’s so obvious, that the singer has sung about 9 songs in this movie and god! What a performance…He’s got the Indian rockstar voice!!!
Ranbir Kapoor! Well this has to be his best performance until now or the only best! He’s acted very well with respect to the emotions and lip sync for the songs. He looks like he is actually singing the songs. Being the focal point of the movie, the actress is not great at acting. It’s a brilliant move to get a fresh face for the character as the existing actresses have already set a trend for themselves, but given the opportunity she could have acted much better. Eventually they do look great as a pair but you can see the intensity in Ranbir’s acting better towards the girl.
It’s a must watch in the theaters to just enjoy the music that Rehman has created. He has got perfection in making the ultimate Kawali’s now. Kun Faaya Kun is a beautiful piece of music. Saada Haq rocks big time both in music and lyrics. It is actually an intense story with an emotional quotient as a life of a rockstar. But the comical scenes take away the seriousness that was indeed required. It should be a memorable movie for Ranbir in real life as he worked with his late grandfather Shammi Kapoor.I don’t like the ending of the movie where the director leaves it vague for the audience to decide what happens..being used to Bollywood we are used to knowing the “GOOD-END”. But that’s how the direction should have been for this script. Excellent movie!
For those who might enjoy the song Sadda Haq and want to know the meaning of the song -


  1. It will make Ranbeer the next super star.End of SRK days

  2. That is an excellent song...thanks for sharing Shilpa Suryavanshi