Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I feel goooood!

Today, exactly after a year I feel lively with my job. Being a software tester, probably last year this time I filed my last defect! After getting bored and feeling out of place at my previous job, today at the new workplace I tested my application and found about 35 defects! Whattaa day!
I feel sooo gooood! I feel like I am serving my purpose again….of finding defects in a software! J I am almost high with today’s work; all kinds of silly jokes are coming to my mind…the crappy commercial of Saif Ali khan…  “Have I made it large” LOL So funny!
I know my new team of developers is going to hate me…hate me …hate me!!! However, my team of developers is awesome. But I just thought of this; whenever a product is released, what do people say ‘The software they developed is so cool’ or ‘Apple has developed this awesome application’. You see, no one ever thinks of all the infinite tests that are performed before a product is launched.  
I am one of those little hidden angel that makes my developers look cool! J AWESOME day!!!!!! Good night friends!!!

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  1. Awesome comment Shilpa...tester deserve waaay more credit than they get. Without them the devs are dead, no wonder Microsoft pay scale is exactly the same for software testers and software developers...