Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pet Adoption

Mamma's got a funny tail to play with
How much thought should I really put when adopting a cat? There is an outdoor cat in my building that gave birth to two kittens 3 weeks ago. Since then I have had this desperation to get one home. Of course I did a lot of thinking. When I lived in the US, I used to see cats sitting in apartment windows. Cats there are more like indoor pets. Some do go out..those I believe live on the ground floor or have a yard. By the way, the cats there are just gorgeous, they are so much more furry, of course to help them with the cold weather, but still they look just beautiful all puffy with thick furJ.
So curious of the new surrounding
Needless to say Americans treat their pets no less than their kids. The food, the medication & vaccines and all the love and care is just like their own child. I live on the third floor and I have two balconies. So I will have to baby proof one of them so the cat is safe at this height. Since she will live on the third floor there is no way she can be an outdoor cat. So I will have to arrange the litter box for her, some toys and food. I looked for all these things and they are available here in Bangalore. Vaccinations can be done at a vet.

Two is company...playing tag!
But I still have so many apprehensions about really getting the kitten. I am not completely settled in Bangalore. We travel on trips once a month or two on the weekends. What if I get relocated to another place and I have to let go the catL. My mind doesn’t agree to use the pet for a while and put it away at a later point. After all, it is a living soul that will bring me joy and have an attachment with me. I can’t use it like a toy. If only I was 100% sure of my location I would totally get the cat.

It sounds like ‘I am putting too much thought to’s just a cat’, but no..I can’t bring the pet for a while, it has to be for a lifetime. Arrgh! So confused!

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  1. Come not "just a cat" a gray cat and she is nice and moody ;), get one, it will brighten your everyday for sure, trust me.