Sunday, October 16, 2011

Change is essential

I haven’t got much chance to visit my blog and post recently. I just changed my workplace. I know I hopped too quickly between companies in this single year. But this one is a keeper! I think unless I do something to help myself, nothing is going to happen. If the company is not helping you to build your career its good time to think of moving on. I was sick of being idle, surrounded by colleagues that come to spend 9 hours at work to chit-chat & giggle and bad management!
But the cost of this change is no in no blogging at all. And am I glad I have so much work to keep me busy that I can’t think of my blog or articles to post! I like my new work place and people but most importantly work. It really matters to enjoy your work, to get that satisfaction of doing something and achieving something at the end of day; money is secondary.
As my ex-manager told me that bad experiences also teach us things, I have learnt some important things about management both work and people. It is really very easy to learn from other’s bad actions and decisions. But I am going to try to keep up with my blog in coming days.. Good night! A full work week awaits tomorrow.

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  1. You must.Blogging is a great stress reliever and a place to express oneself