Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I saw GOD!

Yeah, I did! Today I did see him up close..like a hand distance away.  I saw AR REHMAN today that close. OH MY GOD! We had our annual excellence awards ceremony and guess who was the chief guest – ARR!! Around lunch time we got to know that he is in the nearby building, taking a tour of the company. When we reached at the bulding..there was a huge crowd waiting for Rehman to descend down from the top floor. Anxious crowd waiting desperately to take a close look of Rehman…….this close…once in a lifetime! After almost waiting for 15 mins, he  finally did come out..and the crowd roared cheering him.
As he was escorted out with guards and police…he walked past me…so close….it was all so quick..the face of the Mozart of Madras, that went past me..so swiftly. I caught a glimpse of him. His expression was so down to earth. The man of few words, who generally is very shy, had a blushing smile as the crowd cheered and woohooo-ed.
I have never felt this amazing crowd experience, to be jolted and pushed and thrown around. But it was so much fun! So much worth it…so many Indians dream to see ARR.
At the award function couple of men actually got the award handed by ARR…the couple who hosted the entire function shared the stage up close with ARR..in my head I couldn’t figure out what had they done to get so lucky…!!!! To stand next to ARR..or for the presenter to ask him questions on behalf of the employees!!!  WOW! That is some luck! It was an amazing evening with ARR not performing but his students did. He does produce world class musicians! On extreme crowd demand he did sing a line of his recent release Rockstar – Nadaan Parindey ghar aaya ja!!! A day to remember J


  1. Without meaning any disrespect to your dedication,I would never compromise accepting a living humanb eing as GOD.Sorry

  2. Its just a reference...nobody has really seen God...Being god is like pure, beautiful..which is the reference to his music!

    And isn't it said...GOD is inside every living being :)

    Praise the man, for his soulful music that anybody can enjoy of all age groups.

    Love your music ARR!!!