Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Miscreants in our developing society

As I read through the Indian news websites this morning, it’s all very depressing & discouraging. All the websites have different articles of rape & molest cases. 3 yr old, 16 yrs old…there is no age limit for these heinous acts. THREE years old????? Really!!! When we were growing up parents would be worried when their daughter was a teenager but what is a 3 yrs old parent supposed to worry about now?  What comes across my mind is, what are these men thinking when they do such acts??? In a country where women are treated as goddesses, we have such men who do not think even once before putting their hand on women! On one hand they still want to divide the society based on Dalits (lower caste/untouchables), yet they don’t mind raping a Dalit girl. Such hypocrites!!!! Why doesn’t the law come up with such strict punishments that, these men will never look up at another woman with a dirty mind!

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