Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ban for Pakistani cricketers!!!!

A few days ago I had mentioned about spot fixing in my blog. The three accused Pakistani players have finally been punished by ICC board. The captain Salman Butt aged 26 has been banned for 10 years, pretty much an end to his career. Bowlers Asif aged 28 with 7 years ban and Amir aged 18 with 5 years ban respectively. One of the players should have received a life ban, to set a lesson for the entire cricket world. The Pakistani media thinks the youngest player Amir should have received less punishment. In my view, he should have received the toughest punishment like a life ban. Being the youngest, his aim should have been to excel & play a fair game. At such a small age he wants to corrupt the game, if he has no respect for the sport he should not be allowed to play. Cricket in countries like India & Pakistan is a big big deal. The players, who luckily make it into the national team, should have the highest level of honesty for the game. Moreover, many world class cricketers Muralidharan, have come ahead demanding the toughest punishments for players who cause fraud in the game. This punishment is quite expensive at the moment for the Pakistani team, with the world cup round the corner. Nevertheless, a good lesson for one & all.

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