Saturday, February 5, 2011

Austrian Café – Edelweiss in Mysore

Today, when I wanted a quick snack & some cold coffee, we ran into this Austrian Café called Edelweiss. The menus had a collection of hot & cold coffees, burgers, burritos, breakfast omelets, Salads and Pasta’s . They had pretty good western menu that consisted of Ham & sausages. Being a vegetarian Indian, the concept of beef & pork in India even to this date surprises me. I know we are a big part of the globalized world today, but my old upbringing still makes surprises me at these very normal things in today’s times. So they have pretty good collection of food for the foreign population in Mysore. They also have Pancakes – American style J with a wide variety of syrups, but no hash brownsL. I am still hunting for a place that would serve me good hash browns. They take orders for multi-grain breads too.
I tried Viennese cold coffee with Vanilla and a veg burger. The texture of Burger bread more like bun, was not what it should have been, hence I had difficulty chewing into it. The veggie pattie was good as compared to the one I ate in the US. Of course there, meat cooks & sells easily than veggie. Cost wise the place is pricey, considering they target mostly the foreigners. The small burger that seemed to be worth 35-40Rs was actually priced at 65Rs. But I would go again to try some other items on their menu to check how authentic Austrian their food is, as of course the cooks there were regular Mysorians.


  1. Sounds pretty cool there, can you post prices in dollars too?

  2. I will try to post the $ prices :)although, its going to be like peanuts if you compare rupees & dollars!

  3. > Being a vegetarian Indian, the concept of beef &
    > pork in India even to this date surprises me.

    You're not alone in that thought. My wife is a vegetarian European (i.e., not even Indian ;-) ), and she is just as bemused by this. She is one step further and is bemused at the "egg is vegetarian" fetish of various 'vegetarian' Indians as well, and I tell her the NECC is to be blamed with their "Meri jaan" brainwashing ad on TV in the 80s!

    Your opinion is refreshingly honest. Keep it up.