Friday, September 25, 2015

"The World Collage" Campaign - Get your own copy!

As continuation to my previous post, I now have the actual Campaign website which shares the details of the photo book from my Author friend Mrunal Gawade, a small video describing the book in his own words and details of the variety of contribution that can be made with the corresponding perks for the same.

The campaign link:

The Campaign is trending #1 on the platform with $1300 raised in just 24 hours! 

My humble appeal to all readers across the world is to have a look at the link, do read the details mentioned, the right section of perks and if it appeals to you, please come forward and contribute and help my friend to succeed in this campaign!

Mrunal has discussed all points regarding what the book offers, why did he pursue this idea, how can you contribute and if you still have doubts he has shared his email ID to be contacted.

Thank you for reading through my post and your time and contribution to the campaign!

Good Luck Mrunal!

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