Tuesday, January 19, 2016

BLACKFISH – A Documentary on Seaworld Orcas

During the recent December 2015 vacations, we visited Atlanta, GA. Our son Aarav will turn 3 in March 2016; we thought it would be nice to visit a zoo and aquarium again. At his age, this was his 4th visit to a zoo and 2nd to an aquarium! We just assumed he has much better understanding now so he’ll enjoy better!

Atlanta Aquarium is rated as the best aquarium in USA! Personally, I have never seen whales! Never been to Seaworld. Had been to a small seaworld kind of amusement park in Hawaii where I saw the dolphin and sea lion shows; the jumps and tricks they do! Atlanta Aquarium has the Beluga whales and giant whale sharks! Huge magnanimous creatures that just leave you in awe!

Aarav was excited to see the Dolphins! He loved the show, though he was almost asleep by the time the show started! The dolphins were just beautiful!

After we returned we were discussing with our friends of the two amusement parks and how the Aquarium is one of the best! My friend shared that this particular corporation has intensive care for the dolphins and they have a panel of scientists, doctors and psychiatrist to study and provide them a healthy environment! She then suggested of a documentary “BLACKFISH” that’s available on Netflix which has the orca trainers disclose and share their experience of training the wild orcas, the unpredictable nature of the animals, how they are captured from the wild, the emotional trauma that the animals endure in captivity through their life, the major accidents that have occurred and how the huge business corporations ruthlessly work despite history of fatalities and clear indications of disturbed animals, while putting the trainers lives at risk each day!

The documentary is very emotional on many levels, mainly from the animal’s perspective that without a doubt it shames me to think of how selfish Human race is! And not just selfish, but ruthless, ignorant and utterly insensitive! There are so many points that the audience probably never thinks of like how did they get them, how are they trained, how are their enclosures etc. I never did myself!

Prior to this documentary, I never had any idea of how gentle, super intelligent and emotional these gigantic animals are, so much like us humans! After watching the documentary, I felt so so sorry for these animals, though they are so much larger in size than us, our cunning intelligence beats their innocence!

It makes me think how as an audience, I’m contributing to the animal’s captive life! I know that just sharing the information won’t stop people from going to these amusement parks, but can spread awareness. The story of Tilikum the Orca at seaworld is truly heartbreaking and to see that huge fish with a bent dorsal fin…you know it’s just WRONG!

Sharing the trailer video link on youtube. Recommend to watch and share.

While I was still disturbed after watching the documentary, I came across an article of how even Dolphins in captivity suffer and how the ‘Swim-with-dolphin’ program is disturbing!

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