Saturday, January 23, 2016

Road Sweeper

The locality we live here is developing rapidly; every day we see new cleared forest area with construction vehicles and workers. On a particular route I take to my son’s preschool, I saw a vehicle that was cleaning the dust, gravel, dirt from the road. When trucks move in and out of construction sites, they obviously leave trails of thick soil which make such a mess of the existing good roads.
Superior Broom - Road Sweepers Model DT80CT

Living in India, be it any city Pune or Bangalore, we’ve all witnessed how the municipal people come, dig out a perfectly good road and then cover up haphazardly leaving back mud/gravel and bumps. When we lived in Bangalore, Electronic city was developing with construction sites everywhere. So much of fine dust would be on the roads that during the rainy days the roads would be full of the muddy slush! And in the dry hot weather, it would fly up in the air.

Every time I would tell my husband, why don’t these construction site engineers make sure to clean up the roads after they are done! All that dust and dirt particles going into our eyes, nose, mouth, hair and skin! Uugh! I never knew there was vehicle to clean roads like this!

When I saw this dirt cleaning machinery here, my mind instantly flashed back to those Indian streets. Why don’t we incorporate this tool? Make it a mandatory equipment in construction!

One of the major differences between American and Indian roads is the DUST! You never ever see dust on the streets here…we’ve discussed on come there is no dust here! I guess I saw the answer – Road Sweeper!

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