Monday, August 22, 2011

Anna and Corruption

While I am watching every detail of Anna all the time, here is a fresh experience of corruption.
I take the local bus after work to home since couple of days. The first time I took a ticket, I paid 7/- for the short distance I travel. The next day I took the same bus and handed a 10/- bill to the conductor. I got 5/- change back. I was confused and then thought that the previous day I was cheated to pay 7/- when in fact the fare is 5-/. I was glad I saved two rupees. I waited for couple of minutes while the conductor was taking money from other commuters. I then said twice to him.. “Ticket? You haven’t given me a ticket yet”. He stared at me for a second and said, “Give me 2 rupees!”
I said “No, you haven’t given me a ticket”, in my head I thought he had forgotten that I already paid. He gave me an annoyed look and said “Give me 2 rupees, I tell you!” Very confused, I gave him 2 rupees and he handed me a ticket and moved on to other commuters. The ticket fare said 7/-
It literally took me a minute to realize that, he was cheating by not giving me a ticket. So he could keep 5 bucks with him while I feel like I saved 2 rupees. I was so disgusted and sat in my seat in disbelief!
Here, we have a 74-year old man fighting and standing up against corruption and we have people working in govt jobs looting openly! I could care less for the 2 rupees if they are illegal! I am more than happy paying 7/- and getting a valid ticket!
Unfortunately, I didn’t do anything than just give him dirty looks! When I went home I thought I should have probably raised alarm in the bus about the conductor..may be! The bus was super-crowded (Indian buses) and frankly I also thought of danger this conductor could be for me in future. Being a whistle blower is not easy.
I understand that probably these conductors make very less income and hence try to cheat like this. But that is what Anna is trying to fight for. Tomorrow we can increase the pays of these kinds of jobs by eradicating corruption, using all that black money to employ sincere people.
At the end of it I am only happy about being sincere and true, though I didn’t voice out anything. I am happy I asked for MY TICKET! Corruption affects one and all, why don’t we all realize this and stand up against it?


  1. I always admired the fire in you Shilpi...

  2. The lawmakers have never to go through such experiences

  3. hhhmmmm... thats the way thing happens...
    we are all money minded people... so any saving seems worth it...
    More than the Bill, we need to change ourself... creating another committee or bringing up another 10000 officials will not help... it just might add to the corruption...

  4. see, there is bigger problem out here... the bus conductor is not educated enough and he is married with 2 childrens ( assumption).. looking at the current market situation and inflation his expanditure is more than what he earn or he couldnt save the small amount of money for the future( which is very dark looking at the current inflation)...he has two choices 1. he should do some malpractices 2. he should stay ethical and let his family members suffer...... Those 2 choices are not given due to lack of his education but due to the "GOVT" and its corruption and ill-fated policies over the last 60 yrs.. the inflation and "dark future" thought is gripped on the mind of the ordinary people (samnaya junta) such that they are somehow misguided(by looking at others) into this kind of practices. The root cause is mismanagement of the country by so-called GOVT AKA agents,frauds.... I am really proud of you that you got your ticket and i hope bus conductor got those killer looks he would think is he really need to do this?.. Its now time for us not to encourage bribes/frauds and raise the concerns for the smallest such incidents.

  5. i could not post above commetn via my gmail acct.. god knows.. many be govt :P - dipak

  6. Very unfortunate that you had to experience it. But these kinds of petty corruption are a part of all societies. The only way to eliminate such petty corruption is improve service delivery mechanisms. A simple solution is to improve ticket vending systems. But such things will take time to evolve. What Anna is trying to fight will tackle the big ticket corruption which runs into millions or billions of dollars.

  7. Like I posted on FB :
    Anna effect:
    Auto driver tried charging flat rate (without the meter). Sis admonished him "Anna Hazare is fasting for us against similar acts...and you?!!".
    Autodriver turns good man and charges as per meter.
    Thankyou Anna :P :P

  8. Genuine miracles do happen! Auto rickshaw driver putting on a meter is a miracle in my eyes! Jai Ho Anna!!