Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ethics lost? Or they never existed!

We are in the 21st century; women are not matching level with men, instead women are already ahead in the gender race. Frankly, I don’t see it as a race. It is an individual choice to grow and prosper. Every woman has the equal right to have ambitions and aim to achieve them, just like any common MAN! A man’s insecurity due to a woman’s success is failure of his moral principles!
In today’s world, for a man to say- I “gave” the job to Ms. ABC only because she needed a job urgently and because she is a “woman”- I can’t digest the statement. Not only does it bring out the feminist in me (which I am not), it is an insult to every woman, every man’s woman!
The statement doesn’t make sense to me at all. Why does anybody have to do a FAVOR to a very well qualified, experienced woman? Who does favors in the IT world? It is not a govt. job to get in with acquaintance or bribe. So what does it really mean? In my opinion, it is the insecurity of the man, his conscience saying to him how incompetent he really is, and his jealousy and his male ego making him blind to a woman’s ability and intelligence that she can perform better than him!
I wonder what it takes for a man to get a job, if women get a job because they are women. Oh wait it would mean every woman would be employed! What a screwed up logic!
I pity his woman and daughter who have to bear with him. I pity his shallow mind that will take him nowhere close to success and satisfaction and he will beg for peace of mind. When I come across such cheap, egoistic and dumb men, I truly feel lucky to have a husband who is more than happy to see me succeed! He enjoys my success as his success and encourages me to excel even more. I wish we had more men like my husband who think of a woman as an individual – who have their own dreams, ambitions, goals!


  1. Perhaps, I differ with you on this.Its no longer same except for in exceptional cases.Women are no longer dependent on man's favors.

  2. That is exactly my point Sir. Women are not dependant on men. It is not the question of now or past. A man makes rules for a woman to work or not, so he can boss around. Given the chance, any woman can work and earn. Its out of question to even think or doubt it. But for a Man to belive that he is god, and he is giving a woman everything, is very degrading!