Sunday, February 19, 2012

My very own.... Taj Mahal

In my schooling days, we had a common drawing teacher..specifically sir from 5th grade till 10th grade! He was pretty good an artist; there were some master pieces hung up in the school. Lele Sir…if I have any of my school buddies reading my blog would remember. I had many assignments with A+ grade. There is this particular drawing style I remember all through these years that I chose to re-do even today after so many years.  It was as simple as drawing slant lines across the sheet and coloring them with different crayon colors…looking somewhat like a rainbow. Then you paint it with black POSTER color. When it dries off, all you do is scrap of with a blade to draw your idea/scenery/ object.
Back then I think I drew a village, which still looked great! I had this idea in my head for a while and didn’t know exactly what should be the art! So I got the idea of the sand animation videos that we’ve seen before…I got numerous ideas such as the two flamingoes, butterflies, tiger face etc….but this Taj Mahal idea seemed magnificent. Looking through how to draw Taj Mahal, I realized drawing Taj Mahal is so easy! Never thought of drawing a Taj Mahal before!
Here is a snapshot of the final piece! My husband is in total awe at this style of art, so Thank You Lele Sir J


  1. Hey Shilpa,

    This is just awesome!!! How did you do it?
    teach me also - i guess over emails :-)


  2. i love it im only a kid and know know how to draw a magnificent taj mahal