Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eager to make 2012 happen...

What the hell is wrong with all the countries? I feel like the politicians of the world have taken the “2012 end of world” too seriously so they are making every effort to kill everyone…be it their people or the neighbors! “If we are dying anyway, we might as well kill all and go !!!!”
Reading Syrian news is very depressing. There is another new Hitler massacring his people in Syria and really, none of the countries can interfere, so the innocent, unarmed people are left to die with no food, medicine, water! What times are we living in? What have we achieved with the science and development and technology? There is no sign of HUMANITY anywhere! Arab countries are going through their fight against age old rulers, Europe is dying of debt, European countries are having their financial crisis, China is becoming arrogant, cunning, powerful country and Koreans are waiting to bomb each other.
Everyone country is going through a deadly crisis! I read only protests, rebels, bombs, nuclear power expansion, nuclear tests blah blah…with all this Indian politicians cashing in their pockets to make 10 generations happy! Are there really going to be TEN generations within 2012???Where is the human race heading to? It feels like a very very long run from the times human race came on this planet, grew, flourished, made discoveries .. discoveries that are killing us!
In my opinion the earth is just too heavily crowded and it’s really time we are erased now! We have taken the planet for granted for very long now and looking at the current situation we only intent to blow it up! The plant is just going to end up laughing at the stupid human race! Is there any point in dreaming of a future …coming years..if we are not gonna survive!

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  1. Yoiu are right, unfortunately these are the events that make the news; however we should look at the positive things that happen in the world, try not to read about war and death, read about technology innovations or discoveries in medicine. The world would look much better thru those news ;)