Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kareena’s Mujra

Every morning while I get ready to work, I have my TV on with MTV channel playing…listening to songs…rather latest songs…it’s better than the quiet atmosphere. Since couple of days the songs of movie Agent Vinod are doing rounds on the channel. With Kareena doing her own “Mujra style”. We belong to the generation that grew up watching brilliant and beautiful actress like Rekha doing Mujra…more recent may be Madhuri…who have so much grace in their dance and moves…who perform so effortlessly to the old royal dance style.
Today watching Kareena doing Mujra…is so very painful to the eyes! Some things should just not change..Mujra should be done in the same old delicate feminine style! Displaying a 2 inch of cleavage and doing your regular bollywood steps is NOT MUJRA! She is good at her chammak challo style and should just stick to that! All in all, the song she is dancing to and her new-found style of Mujra both suck big time! Blame the choreographer, I guess!

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