Friday, February 15, 2013

Childhood memories with Fevicol

Growing up, I lived in apartments with 24 homes in a building. And every year, there would be some furnishing work in progress in some house. So the carpenters would use the parking area for carpentry. Whenever we’d go out to play the carpenters work would fascinate us a lot. One main reason being the free access to Fevicol- the white adhesive!
When you get the adhesive on your skin and it dries, it peels off like dead skin. That used to be FUN! The oh-my-god, my skin is peeling fun! I am sure most of us enjoyed this. I remember the carpenter Shankar would keep scolding us, not to use up his adhesive!
We’d just hang around as if we were curious to see how they actually use the tools and do the wood work ( I did actually learn some of the procedures they do); and slowly when they’d be busy we’d sneak and squeeze out some fevicol and spread it on our palms.
Recently, when we did the furnishing of my apartment, I showed the trick to my husband. Apparently it was new to him. And since it’s my own furnishing work, I didn’t hesitate to take as much fevicol as I wanted. I managed to take enough to peel out an entire palm in one piece.
Repeated the same when I visited my parents this time, with them doing some kitchen furnishing. Yeah, I am 30 and some childhood fun things don’t change with time! J

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