Friday, February 15, 2013

Bangle Beauty

Bangle collection
I picked on a new hobby when I visited my parents this time. My working mother born in Karnataka still loves her old traditional ways of dressing up. Even to date she enjoys wearing a jasmine garland in her hair; though she doesn’t carry long hair anymore as in her younger days. And even though it’s not very common to wear flowers here in Maharashtra, whenever she is in Bangalore or any south Indian city and if you offer to buy her a jasmine garland; she will happily accept it.  
Strangely, I only noticed now that she has a good collection of colorful glass bangles. Some she has bought, some she has got in various marriage ceremonies she has attended. But it’s a great collection to start wearing matching bangles each day to workJ; Yeah! That’s my new hobby. I decided that as long as I stay, I would arrange matching bangles for her sari each morning before she goes to work.
Matching bangles per sari
 Each day her friends saw her matching bangles and admired her matching skills and interest to wear different bangles each day. And she mentioned that it was her daughter who did it for her. J
It reminds me of what my colleague at work recently mentioned. She has 2 kids, young boys and how they are not so attached or close to her. When she says goodbye to them while leaving to work, her boys hardly even look at her to say goodbye. She said, it’s always nice to have at least one daughter, as they are close and sensitive; make you feel special. J
 Daughters are always daughters!

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  1. Yes,daughters are special.Ask me,I have only one and how I wish I had more