Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day...annoucement

It’s been a LONGGGG pending update from my side; Here is the formal announcement, I have become a mother to a handsome baby boy, Aarav. For those who are curious, the name Aarav means peaceful, calm. Frankly, we were always sure and hopeful, we’d have a daughter! So I had spent most of the time in finding a girl’s name; with 2 boy names, just in case J. After the initial surprise, it later sunk in, that we have a boy indeed! However, we had our baby girl moment after coming home- the classic event in India of dressing up a baby boy in a frock; yeah we dressed Aarav in a cute pink frock that we had bought in the past!
Aarav ...
The moment when my boy was brought to me in the room and placed next to me, and how instantly he curled up to me; that moment was magical and will be unforgettable for the rest of my life!
Parenthood is coming to me each day; learning and observing my boy’s behavior; trying to set some routines with him so we understand each other well. He’s almost 1.5 months old and now it’s getting fun with him as he is catching his sight of moving objects, watching my face and smiling and watching him kick his feet in full swing when he is in play mode. Unlike most newborns that are awake all night, my boy sleeps well through the night and doesn’t trouble me J.
Each day I am getting stronger; initially I was very emotional each time he cried…now I can watch him get his vaccine shots and pacify him J.
Time sure flies very fast; I was waiting for these 10months to go fast; anxiously waiting and wondering how I would deliver a BABY! And now he is already 1.5months and growing up so fast!
Today is my first mother’s day, being a mother and I thought it’s a perfect day to make my announcement to all my readers. Here’s wishing all mothers and soon-to-be mothers a wonderful mother’s day! And I will try to make time to update stories of my son….


  1. Happy parenting. Will be waiting for your next post about Aarav.

  2. Congratulations. God bless you both

  3. Congratulation Shilpa. Nappy days ahead :)