Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tricks and habits..

Through my pregnancy I read books, websites about pregnancy; of course I never had the time to read about what happens once the baby arrives; moreover I always thought I will have the help of all existing mothers in the family J.  One of the greatest tasks is to put your baby to sleep.
Since the day Aarav was born, I started to set him a habit of rubbing his forehead which should put him to sleep. This is still working unlike Gayatri Mantra which we used to sing in his first week. Although I have noticed recently, if he doesn’t want to sleep and if I try to rub his forehead, he will shake his head indicating “don’t do it” or “I am not going to sleep”!!! But if he wants to sleep, he will close his eyes at the first touch on his forehead.
Recently when my brother’s friend visited us; who is also a new parent, asked me if I am singing songs to Aarav, I said why should I sing songs to such a small baby, he won’t understand any of it. He said songs work great for babies!
But just out of the blue two week ago, I ‘by mistake’ started to sing “Lakadi ki kaathi, kaathi pe ghoda” song and he slept!!! INSTANTLY! I thought it might have been a coincidence, so I tried it for 3 days in a row…and guess what, it really works! Now I have a nap song for Aarav which works every single time. Easy and quick way to put him to nap; a few rocks on the lap with the song and Aarav goes into deep sleep. Each time it works and it feels like such an achievement! But experienced parents are warning me to prepare more songs as babies will need a new song every month..
So now I have to go hunting for baby songs from our childhood times…because these days we have only sheila ki jawani, chikni chameli etc..and I don’t think he should be exposed so soon to today’s bollywood item songs…
Now I am working on tricks to make him smile! They are pretty much weird garbled sounds, more like noise for adults that make him smile…random pitches of ‘ooooooo’ sound work great on him..and it’s so true that, that one giggle, smile your baby gives is so priceless! It’s actually getting interesting as he responds back with his own sounds….precious moments!

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  1. Enjoying motherhood...Yes that's the cutest and very huge responsibility of a woman. Enjoy !