Monday, September 23, 2013

Biscotti Baby!

Soft dough ready to go into the oven
Yay! I did it JJust one post ago I said I was eager to make Biscotti; one of my first full-fledged baked dish. I finally got the chance to make it today. Originally I was going to make it on Saturday; it’s easy to make on a weekend as my husband is available to baby sit my son who is hyper active these days, rolling all around the house. I literally pick him up every 5 seconds to put him to square one and he reaches the end of the room by the time I step in the kitchen.

Out from the oven after round 1 of baking
Since couple of weeks I had been gathering all the baking ingredients and I waited for the right time. Being a novice baker, I didn’t realize that the butter in the freezer was to be kept out all night to use it for baking the next day. So my Saturday was wasted waiting for the butter to come to room temperature L. By evening when I came home, it was perfect. So I laid it outside all night and today morning, first thing after my cup of tea I started off confidently. 

Sliced up for round 2 baking

The recipe is really so easy and quick to make. Of course, I don’t have the electric mixer stand to mix all the ingredients. So I had to go the old fashioned way, using a whisk and a big bowl to mix all the ingredients. My arm was already hurting in the first step of mixing the butter and sugar. Well, I went on and on…

Biscotti ready to dunk and eat with coffee

After laying it in the oven and watching it rise from pale dough to golden large cookie, it felt so good! Baking being new to me, it’s like magic. How a small slab of soft dough turns into this a big golden cookie! We couldn’t wait to taste them. I followed the exact recipe but for half the quantity. I wanted to try a small batch and see if I can really follow recipes and bake well. And I made simple Biscotti’s with only vanilla and anise extract flavors, nothing fancy for starters! What a day! Here begins my baking journey! Hope you guys don’t get bored with food and more food.

I have become a complete fan of Laura Vitale. Tried her simple stuffed mushrooms couple of days ago! Again just for trial used my left over mushrooms; her recipes really work! Oh FYI - Biscotti in Italian means twice baked cookie ...2 rounds of baking!


  1. Baking is stress relieving therapy for me. The whisking (I use a hand held electric beater), the waiting for it to rise and the aroma of fresh bake that engulfs the home. Exquisite. And all of us at home digs hot cakes / cookies right out of the oven. Gone in a jiffy!
    Baked red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting last week. Was a dream. :) .
    Remember, if you perfect the plain bread recipe, you gotta share it wit me. I still have to try baking bread.

  2. When it comes to food...I can onlty comment after eating