Monday, September 16, 2013

Veggie Pasta Bake – Thanks Laura

As I mentioned in my recent post that I have been looking forward to using the oven, today I cooked a pasta dish. Of course it’s not entirely baked dish; just the finishing is baked. I love making pasta. This time around I learnt and successfully made my first ever white sauce actually called Béchamel.
Veggie Pasta Bake - hot from the oven

I have been checking out recipes of Laura Vitale on Youtube; she's Italian and cooks such simple recipes. Every recipe I see, I wish to cook it right away. It all started when I started to look for how to make toasts/rusk…the hard bread that we dip in chai and eat. I knew they are also called Biscotti here in the US; I had eaten chocolate flavored biscotti in Starbucks once. So I started to look for the recipe and that’s how I learnt about Laura Vitale. I have almost seen all her Veg recipes and decided to cook the Veggie Pasta bake this weekend.

It turned out to be a successful adventure. I also cooked zucchini for the first time and loved it. Hopefully I will make some biscotti soon and have a post for it. If I get the recipe and final product right, it will be one of my best achievements in recent times, coz my husband loves chai and rusk! So wish me luck! J


  1. How can I comment unless I taste some

  2. Ha Ha. Very nice Sir. Your comment made me smile. Now distance being the issue here, I can't send you some. So I'd suggest you try making it at home and then share your review of the dish :) Wat say?