Tuesday, February 2, 2016

HELP: A friend diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Sara McDowell
I met this amazing girl Sara McDowell during my Seattle days in 2009, doing Thriller flash-mob. She recently was diagnosed with breast cancer. Frankly as much as I was shocked to know someone from my friend circle to have this illness, I'm praying each day for her recovery through her well planned treatments. She's a wonderful girl & she's got the right spirit to fight back, all she needs is some financial support that can help her get through the treatment costs. 

Of course, an illness like cancer is going to cost her a lot, and she is trying her best to deal with the stress of both recovering and covering the cost!

If you can, PLEASE help her with any possible amount, small or big. Every amount paid is going to help her for treatment costs, medicines, food etc.

Please read the link below to know details of her illness and ways to help her. Thank you for helping my friend. And please do share among your wonderful, kind-hearted friends.



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