Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Common Mormon
First weekend with our new carJ! Unfortunately, I had a tiny but very painful knee injury on my trip to Baroda. So places to visit this weekend were to be analyzed. There are tones of choices to explore around. Living in Electronic city, Tamilnadu is right there…a few miles and you are across the border into the neighboring state. We decided to go to Krishnagiri dam. I don’t have the pictures yet; we happened to take our almost-new Nikon L100 camera with us and my husband got some cool shots of a helicopter  (the fly) and couple of butterflies in the park around the dam. So next day we decided to go to Bannerghatta butterfly park.
Blue Tiger
Suddenly, out of the blue we both got caught up on this photography. We studied a bit online about butterfly photography. I had an idea of having perfumed objects to carry and attract butterflies. Online studies shattered my idea L. Apparently they won’t be attracted to artificial scents and bright colors scare them away. Butterflies need sunshine to get charged up and flutter around. So morning times are good to capture them in the lenses. Of course, you need real good camera to capture clear pictures from a distance.
Common Lime Butterfly
It is weird that Indian tourist places charge for cameras. It is obvious tourists will click pictures! So the ticket for adults is 25/- ($0.55) and the same for a camera.
Common Lime Butterfly
The place is one of those enclosed botanical parks with varieties of butterflies and flowers. When we reached the place, it was 11am and the butterflies were totally charged up and fluttering all around the place. So difficult to get a still picture! Most of the butterflies seem hurt with feather torn in edgesL. But beautiful creatures!
I recently watched this movie - From Prada to nada; in this there is reference to the flower Bird of Paradise and I got to see it in the park!!!! I instantly remembered the scene in the movie and may I say this real one was so beautiful and more colorful than the one shown in the movie!
Bird of Paradise
We took numerous pictures and I am sharing a few good ones here! Butterfly shooting is real fun..and they are gorgeous creatures. The caterpillar form is nothing compared to the butterfly form!!! The small presentation on the life of butterflies, metamorphosis etc was like going back to school. How sad that such beautiful creatures live just 7 days of life! 

Common Crow

Later in the day they were so tired from the heat probably, they seemed exhausted to even move or fly. Tried helping the one below, out of the human walk way in the plants.
Got me one


  1. good one ya... lovely captures too... seems like you really enjoying the new camera :-)