Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MEN - grow up already!

Funny incident in the elevator at work! I was waiting on my 2nd floor to go down to the ground floor. The elevator stopped with a decent looking man in it. The “G” button was already selected, so I didn’t bother to press any buttons. The man seems too concerned if I was ok with the selected buttons. I was polite enough to nod with a smile saying it was fine.
Like always, I stood straight looking ahead at the metal doors. He grabbed the emergency phone receiver and said “I keep myself busy in the elevator, with phone calls!” He said it in a very lame, movie style! I could do nothing but drop a forced laugh like uh ha ha!
The elevator touched the ground floor and before the doors opened the phone rang and he answered, “Uh oh..umm nothing… just testing!” I tried so hard not to burst into a loud laughter! How stupid to pick the phone & then get a call from the maintenance guys!! I missed my favorite girlfriends to enjoy the moment! I would probably still give him points to dare and talk to me! I generally carry a mean/ angry/ attitude look on the face to keep away such men (old growing-up tactics)! Some have guts but still fail at it, miserably!


  1. My kind of joke :D...sometimes I am even lamer than that but still get a laugh out of the girl ;)

  2. What has this got to do with old growing up? Didnt quite understand

  3. It was a funny incident of an older man acting like a college teenager! :)

  4. Nice ! He didn't give you his number, did he ? ;)