Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Openings at CBI?

These days the news channels are full of ONLY scams in India. Corruption has taken places to such a great extent and in all offices and departments and fields, the Indian public can’t do much than just watch! Every day I watch the news; they show evidences against the corrupt leaders; these leaders shamelessly reply back saying they are innocent and the blame games goes on and on. There is no end to it. They try to set up a committee to fight corruption; the govt. tries to blame the committee for N reasons. At the end of day, corruption is all that survives and continues to grow.
Corruption has become part of our life, our being; we don’t see it as a mistake. Instead it is just an effortless way of getting things done! Every scam, murder, blast have CBI probes these days. Every time I see breaking news on TV channels – Supreme court orders CBI investigation in blah blah case; High courts orders CBI..UP govt. orders CBI…Mumbai blast…CBI! The thought that is stuck in my head since a week is – how busy the CBI officers must be! There are tons of projects to investigate and crack …all high profile projects….quick results are a must! Are they hiring?
No kidding at all! Really, do they have enough sincere, honest and smart officers to handle so many cases? The pressure I can’t imagine! Never until now had I thought about CBI officers, a detective’s life! In the 90’s we had the IT boom…should we have CBI boom now? I am sure they need more work forces to solve the never ending list of investigation in the current govt’s rule!
This picture below has been circling through the email forwards. Pretty cool what it says – Makes us wonder where is our country headed to..!!!!
Here is a summary of all scams since independence. These may not be the only ones. These are the ones that were caught and brought to the notice of the public.
In total, this is coming upto Rs. 910,603,234,300,000, which is equal to USD 20.23 trillion. With this huge amount, India will become a super-power overnight and can permanently kill all social problems mainly poverty and unemployment.
Take a detailed look at the list. Great work by the person who compiled it.
Forward this to all Indians!! Others also have a right to know where their money is going..


  1. hhmmm isnt there a quote made always... India is a rich country of poor people... well most people are kept poor so that some of them can make a hue and cry about them being poor and loot the country

  2. In my view, India is not poor...nor are the people. Frankly Indians have become way too smart at making money. I find myself very down to earth, following the traditional methods of livlihood. Getting one job and executing that is one task. People on the other hand, know tons of ways of making multiple incomes....legal or illegal...doesn't matter! Money inflow is all that matters.

    Indians complain about inflation yet, can afford to watch movies in malls worth 350/- and above...Needless to say these movies are not worth even 50/-.

    200/- ticket is too much for me to pay and I decide not to watch! The poor now know how to take advantage of 'being poor'

    But I agree about the point of pretending to be poor so we can make money off it!

    The current political state of the country is beyond "degraded"...infact we make our own new levels of corruption and shamelessness and sadly fearless...fearless of the law and the people!