Monday, September 26, 2011

Art of Living

Past 6 days I had been attending a basic, beginner’s class of AOL! My thoughts are all dis-oriented right now. But I have an over-all conclusion about the class. AOL is for losers. Losers not in a bad or funny way; in way that people who are depressed, are full of negativity or suicidal or need some moral up-liftment in life or refesh the basic morals of life.
Most of the course was about breathing exercises and Yoga exercises. I have practiced both in bits and parts in the past, but never been consistent about it. Their aim is to control the mind through breathing exercises.
One of the day, the instructor said when we go into our past or future we are sad. And hence we forget to live the present moment. I beg to differ. There are infinite times from the past that make me happy when I remember them. And I PLAN my future so it turns into my present bringing me happiness! Thinking of future doesn’t mean sadness always! If we don’t think of our future then we are just like other animals on the planet, living our life and die one day! (PS: Even animals plan their future – ants, bees etc!)
Their example to control our anger and frustration- Accept things as they are. Bangalore traffic, Yes it is there. What can we do? Why should we get angry? Accept it and be calm and happy. No, sorry! Again beg to differ. If Bangalore has never-ending traffic woes, yes we accept that we need better road planning!!! Not accept the problem & be quiet. In that case there wouldn’t have been those many flyovers in the city. We can’t just accept the problem; accept it and find a solution. There wouldn’t have been innovations in the world!
Most of the things they mention in the course I already knew it or executed it. For example – doing random acts of kindness. We don’t keep a watch to find an opportunity; when an opportunity comes we morally help the needy person. It is but natural!
One of the students listed ‘following traffic rules’ as his random act of kindness! Can you believe it! The instructors just laughed it off instead of giving it back to the guy saying it your responsibility to follow traffic rules, not a favor to the society!
Taking responsibility! Yes we do take it, but some instances need authority too. They said irresponsible’s are complainers! Let me share an example – If there is criminal act happening in my neighborhood the first thing would be to complain to the police than taking the responsibility of being the police! And any morally right person will take the least responsibility of calling the police!
There are infinite examples of people who have led a very fruitful life personally and socially like Bill Gates, without such courses. Everyone comes from failures, you, me and all. No one is perfect. When I look at my life and me as of now, I am happy how far I have come from where I was! And all this with no one to tell us things taught in the course. I am partly from my upbringing from my parents and some of my own intellect and understanding. I truly feel I don’t need such a course. I have ambitions to achieve things in life, see places and I will do them to my best while being happy. Happiness is very relative! To be always happy is hypocrisy and ignorance to situations around us. I have a logical mind, I have to reason to things than just accept & act like nothing is wrong in the world.
I will continue to do the exercises but I surely don’t think I need a lesson on how to be happy and content! Because it can’t be forced!
Another note: We went to the Ashram and it is really hard to believe that so many people believe in these Gurus and their techniques of leading life! The HUGE crowd is unbelievable, but still fails to rope me in!!!
Disclaimer: This is my own opinion and experience. To each their own!


  1. Interesting to read....thumbs-up ....and keep it up.

  2. All crooks Shilpa, religion is all for manipulating the weak minds....