Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Indian get-togethers

Last week was a long long holiday week starting from Wednesday to Sunday! And the number of things we did, places we covered is unbelievable! Drove through the festive traffic of Bangalore on Wednesday! Oh wait! My parents were visiting me ..that adds more joy to the whole string of events! Thursday morning we were to board a train to Mettupalayam in Tamilnadu. It was a wedding event to attend and we were like 15-20 people from Bangalore boarding different coaches of the same train.
I love big family gatherings; they are the most fun times as well as the most chaotic times too. The confusion of people; people distributed at all times and trying to gather everyone at all times ..so crazy! It was one “big-fat-Greek-wedding” week! We, a bunch of cousins going crazy on the passenger train. In spite of buying tickets we travelled standing almost all through the 6 hour journey! My cousins were more excited about standing at the doors, talking, giggling, joking, teasing and clicking infinite pictures of making ugly faces and pretty faces sometimes! We ate the tasteless pantry food in the train and informed all the moms and dads and uncles and aunties to NOT eat it! J
In the last hour of the trip we played UNO! These are one of the best times of my life..sitting in the train I was thinking how we jell so easily when we get back from abroad. It’s like you were never gone! There is a cousin brother who loves you like his own sister; there is a cousin sister who is on your side when the rest of the boys are teasing you.
My parents notice that I have changed for better, more matured & polished. Since my marriage I have been away for so long and we get so used to being away which we feel right and wrong at different times. But, it always feels good to be there for parents. I always enjoy holding tight, my little-short mom in my arms and I realize how much I miss it. And sleeping next to my mom I felt like a little girl! Very short, but best times!


  1. You = Happy :)
    I am happy for you Shilpa, and very happy for you...I am saying with all my heart, enjoy these nice times of your live and cherish them forever.

  2. Thank you Anonymous for your kind words and for reading this post. It's a phase in life. Very rarely do we (rather I) sit to think if we are happy or find our happy moments. I have found a few here :). Only when we go away we realize the value of our dear ones. I still miss my parents though!