Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beauty of my IDLI

Today I successfully made a perfect batch of Idlis. I am still not sure what is the exact secret of soft, light, fluffy idli but I got it this time perfectly with my mom's recipe. May be it’s the perfect over the top fermentation!

I am not a great fan of Idli because in my childhood my mom would make Idlis EVERY Monday morning because it used to be easy for her to prep on Sunday! Working woman! Not complaining, but in my head it stuck forever that Monday = Idli. Since then, I probably caught the nausea of eating idli; to this date it’s not even the last choice of food for me! Although, I enjoy Rava idli!

But today I ate 4 Idlis for breakfast! I think your sincere efforts always taste different & good! Blissful yummy Wednesday morning! J


  1. Looks tasty, what is it made from and describe the sauces...I am a poor western guy, no idea of Indian food, but it looks delicious :D

  2. Well those are like dumplings - steamed dumplings you could say. Made from rice & white lentils which are soaked over night then ground to a paste & kept to ferment another 8 hours. Then we just steam them in a stand of moulds. Take slike 10-15 mins to be ready. The sauces are - one is spicy coconut sauce and the other is yellow lentil soup again spicy. The dumpling itself is kinda gos great with spicy sauces. The dumplings are kinda healthy as no oil goes in cooking it.

  3. Sounds excellent, can one make sauces less spicy if necessary?

  4. Of course, you just add less spice i.e peppers. But my food is not that spicy as per some Indian standards. I eat quite mild food! I mentioned spicy just to give an idea, for "poor western guy" like you :) You can look for this dish (IDLI) in an Indian restaurant in your country/neighborhood.